Shayrskaya horse (breed Shire)

Photos, description Shayrskoy horse breed (Shire), characterization

Photos, description Shayrskoy horse breed (Shire), characterization

They took the horses breed Shire to Great Britain territory. Popular breeds have become due to the fact that they have features in the exterior form. Many horses animals stand out due to the large size of body, nice view faces with soft pink tones, out of which sprout quite long antennae, as well as in children’s feet with a neat white “socks”. It becomes immediately noticeable that the human head is flush with the shoulder regions of the horses. It Shire horse breed for several years are the champions among other horse lines for growth. In this article we will focus on the greatest horse that exist around the world.

If we consider the more precise location of the primitive creation of varieties, it will focus on the central area of ​​the county of Great Britain, which include: Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire. Just focus falls on similar end in the titles, the fact that it was a piece of “wide” or “Shire”, translating to an old English means “county”, to date, using the word “Shire” were called throughout the central part England. Horses that were originally created in the Midlands have been officially recognized quite recently, in the second half of the 19th century (about 1884), although its own name kind of already appropriated a relatively long time, so when they called the King Henry VII.

Besides the fact that representatives of the Shire horse breeds are considered to be the largest in the world (their average growth waver from 160 cm to 185 cm), they are also common in the largest number among all existing heavyweights of English origin. In the territories of Great Britain, home to about three thousand Shire and beyond the borders of Britain – about one thousand. After reading these figures, it is hard to believe that just recently the breed was on the verge of extinction. In today’s world, the life of pets presented species is the same as that of all the horses heavyweights. Even after the end of the First World War, when only began to be created automobile and tractor construction, the value of the animals began to decrease among mankind. In the early stages of the displacement of the horses was held not intensely so, as a technique has not yet been fully improved, and in times of crisis, not everyone can afford a luxury car. Close to half of the same century, came the really hard times for this breed of horses. Previously, there were close to one million individuals Shire species, then at that time the number has decreased to insignificant thousand. The fact that the farm work is no longer needed heavyweights, reduced the number of livestock more.

Today Shire breed is found in a variety of exhibitions and shows, some of them amateurs, and some specialized in the most popular part of action taken close two hundred horses. Seeing the horses provided by species, where they are in all their glory: polished, well-groomed, with beautiful combed or braided manes and tails. I would like to hope that the breed will continue in the future, it was justified. Particularly interesting representatives on broods plowing or competitions, but they are also used in heavy sled. Interbreed differences are possible by suit. There are bay, crows, gray and red color the coat.

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