Noric horse

Photos, description Noric horse breed characteristics

Photos, description Noric horse breed characteristics

Horse Noric breed is characterized as a very peaceful and workable, and different pets because they are very hardy and strong.

Let us consider the exterior characteristics of the animal. So Noric horse variations inherent: elongated snout with neat lines; noticeable on the face square snoring; cervical region and strong relief, it is placed on a beautiful and wavy mane. The dorsal area is spacious enough; withers not actually developed; elongated grains and massive (standard copies it droops); tail area placed low. Limbs horses far apart with each other on the legs pretty noticeable “socks”.

Use Noric representatives of both true friends and helpers in addition harnessed them in heavy harness. If you watch the movement of the horse, we can see their smooth movements with a wide step. Drawing attention to the trot, the movement seems to be more intense and fast.

Native title has got to breed from vassal province that was known during the Roman Empire – Noricum. Its location was seen between the Austrian and Bavarian Alps, and rumor has it that it was there gaflingerskaya variety has been bred. This statement is accompanied by the fact that representatives of both breeds have many correspondences between them. Noric horses recognized by one of the archbishops of Salzburg. Previously, horses provided by reproductive crossing varieties combined with instances kladryuberskoy, kleydesdalskoy (or Scottish heavyweights), as well as other species that were common in those areas.

The original breeding and breeding varieties engaged in Austria. Externally visible different colors of wool cover: bay, red, and black horses Pegova tones. Previously enjoyed high popularity animals tiger stripes, but in the present there are very few such instances. The average height at the withers horse waver between 150 cm to 175 cm.

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