Horses Knabstrupper

Photos, description Knabstrupper breed horses, breeding characteristics

Photos, description Knabstrupper breed horses, breeding characteristics

Initially, when only horses were bred knabstrubskie, their growth was not more than 150 cm. Danish Chubarov horse Knabstrupper are holders of relief and powerful limbs, especially the power denoted by its hind legs. The head part of the breed knabstrup medium in size, but very small parts of the whole that emphasizes their accuracy. Over the lifetime of the pets were characterized as obedient pets that have a calm temper, though earlier the horses were too energetic and frisky, but eventually the old features remained only a high level of endurance.

Outwardly, notice the beautiful mono woolen cover, which often has a mottled coloring. Spots on the body there are a wide variety of shapes and colors, so each horse species represented an unusual and original in its own way. Popular animals due to the fact that they are balanced and calm, to the outside world are friendly, willing to constantly learn something new, quick to react to all that the owner tells them. Serve always given quickly become attached to people. Many of these horses really the essential particles in circus performances, because they have a special charisma. Animals are very strong but muscular legs, pets also hoofed dense area. Neck elongated plot and well-developed terrain, there are representatives of a short neck. The dorsal area is large, but the withers are undeveloped. In the shoulder, the average growth of the pet is from 155 cm to 165 cm.

At the moment there are so many different kinds of horses breed krabstrupper that they can be compared only with the Appaloosa. Most pets have encountered light gray tones, and head area spots of various forms of bay and black shades, as are patches on areas of the body or limbs. The first representatives of that relate to the old type, were completely different. They were inherent in the heavier body, big body and a large head. The shoulder portion, and rather short neck looked good in a team and they worked great. Previously, in order to implant the exterior rocks, resorted to the method of inbreeding. All times pupils worked well in the circus scenes. Over time, unfortunately, due to multiple crossings, the breed began to fade, as well as representatives anagogically – Frederiksborg. To date, those members of the species that are found to possess the usual criteria of growth, but, despite this, they still invited to participate in shows or exhibitions. In addition, pupils win prizes in horse races and other kinds of sports entertainment.

From the outset, removing rocks, horses are highly evaluated, but they did not have a very wide popularity. Their existence on the territory of China is easy to prove, since they represented a variety of masters of ancient origin. Some representatives typecasting Chubarov met among the oldest breed of light draft horses of Austrian origin – narikenov addition, some horses were seen among the Spanish animal. These are the famous rocks became founders of many modern horse, not once proved its advantages and great potential.

Among the several varieties Chubarov also meet Danish krabstruppery. These breeds are characterized by snow-white color of the coat, which looks neat spotted pattern, and the spots themselves are saturated with black or brown color schemes, mainly visible spots on the entire body, especially the head part and embellished limbs. These horses are very popular among representatives of the circus, because they have an incredible coloring, they also calm temperament, good character, peaceful and friendly horses, in addition they have a high level of intellectual abilities and pets easily perform all the necessary commands.

The first representative knabstrup appeared on the territory of Denmark, at the beginning of the 19th century (about 1808). We created the animals on the grounds of purebred Spanish horses, and since then they have been used to great events, such as during the Napoleonic military action.

The true origin is from the Flaebehoppenskih horses that are representative of female thoroughbred Spanish character, and they had pinto suit. Ancient ancestors knabstrup breed were also very obedient, allocated special endurance, and were particularly high vigor characteristics. Then the Spanish mares purchased one of the butchers, the name of which Klebe. Then he sold the horse to one of the judges – Lunnu. That the judge has made a significant step in the development of the species, and it was he who used pet as breeding mares, among his possessions at Knabstrupa territories. That is, strictly speaking, a complete picture of which way passed pets to stop in front of us as they are at the moment.

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