The horse Soviet Heavy Draft

Photos, description Soviet Heavy horse breed, characteristic

Photos, description Soviet Heavy horse breed, characteristic

The first representative of the Soviet Heavy horse breed has appeared on the Russian Federation territory. The uniqueness of the breed is considered to be very high, since all the qualities needed for the transport of heavy loads were collected in a single copy. The most important characteristic, which is in the highest degree – unmatched power. In the area of ​​working horses, Soviet Heavy Draft has no equal, and therefore appreciate pupils respectively. We know that when women kumysnyh farming areas representative of the variety are the most powerful and agile, besides the animals used as meat products, where they are also very popular because of the high-quality meat products, high body weight, as well as intensive ripening.

In order to create such powerful and versatile animals, many Russian scientists worked. In the process of deducing crossed representatives of Belgian draft horses and Brabant with the copies of the local horses Harness category, also took part, and other line of horses. Soviet heavies have a nice pedigree, because they were involved in the creation of such well-known breeds like Bityug, Percheron, ardeny and Suffolk. The final stages were withdrawn Soviet heavy-duty, the average horse had an increase from 150 cm to 160 cm. Metal parts often used for transportation, giving them a big load.

Imported in Russia Brabant copies began in the second half of the 19th century. The breed was wonderful, famous because of the good qualities of endurance and characteristic manners, but it did not started to breed pure breed at that time. Refusal of pure breeding was quite strange, because from Belgium moved both male and female members of this species, and external characteristics were more than satisfactory, both in power and in size, that is, the horses were good in all plans. In reality, for further dilution, were unsuitable climatic conditions of Russia. Representatives of Brabant, having dry and loose structure of the body is the inability to acclimatize to the extreme conditions. The animals immediately manifested midges, and some ladies have a tendency to rot arrows and leg tissues. Then it was invented, how to keep all the quality of imported pets, but at the same time a little bit to improve their shortcomings. Decision appeared reproductive crossing with local mares, which also had a dry constitution, but easily transferred to heavy weather conditions. In addition, certain external factors Belgians were not liking the Russian horse-breeders. They somewhat inharmonious addition torso was inherent, no neat lines and elegance that violate the overall picture of species and covers a lot of advantages. Thus, the crossing of pupils was inevitable, but in the final results brought submitted a species that is popular with many breeders.

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