Aberdeen Angus cow

Meat breed cows, Angus cattle, photos, description, cultivation in the home

Meat breed cows, Angus cattle, photos, description, cultivation in the home

Homeland of the cows – England, namely the county of Aberdeen, for the place of origin and the cow got its name. In the homeland of Aberdeen-Angus cows dominated by moderate weather conditions and plenty of green pastures. The breed is still quite old, the first note, you can see even in the 18th century. Then local farmers decided to select the best specimens of meat breeds and work to improve their qualities. Thus it appeared the first Aberdeen Angus cows, officially registered only in the late 19th century.

Breed typical strong bones with big muscles, which is increasing quite rapidly. The body of a large, round belly with slightly pubescent; shortened limbs. The head is relatively small fraction of the ratio of a sheepskin coat; forehead small and narrow; no horns; short neck. The skin is thin, short hair black color. Through the wool is well developed muscles of the animal seen.

Aberdeen-Angus calves are born with relatively small weight, but for a year can gain weight up to 200 kg. Mature cows can weigh up to 60 kg, and bulls – 900 kg. Meat quality and has a pleasant and mild taste, a small percentage of fat. Basically it accumulates uniformly on all the muscles. With Aberdeen Angus cows can produce up to 70% of meat products. Against the backdrop of meat indicators, dairy far behind: the udder poorly developed, so should be very small (up to 1500 kg of milk).

The breed is constantly improving thanks to robot specialists on cattle properties fast and a lot to gain in weight. Also, work is underway on the crossing of Aberdeen-Angus cattle with other breeds. These robots are very productive, because in most cases the cows pass on their properties and other meat precocity. Plus, the Aberdeen-Angus cows well take root in virtually all weather conditions. The breed today is popular in Europe and beyond its borders.

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