Sheep Najdi breed

Breed description, photo, characteristic for cultivation in the home

Breed description, photo, characteristic for cultivation in the home

Homeland Najdi sheep breed is considered to Saudi Arabia, where the animals are raised for meat production. Later, when the Najdi sheep breed became popular in neighboring countries, all of them less steel plant with a view to meat production, but more as a beautiful breed for exhibitions and shows. Outside the sheep deserve attention due to several factors: growth, color, hair. Arab sheep show – one of the most expensive breeds in the world, the price of purebred sheep can reach $ 10,000, and for the sheep and it is far from chapel.

Najd – a tall rock, which individuals can reach a maximum of 113 cm at the withers, and this is one of the best indicators among tall sheep. Despite this strong growth, the weight of small animals: sheep on average, weigh 75 kg and 50 kg sheep. Lambs are born with a weight of 3-4 kg. Usually sheep results for the period of only one lamb, twins – a rare phenomenon. For lactating sheep gives up to 250 liters of milk. Young sheep ready for the first mating as early as 7 months of age and sheep closer to 1 year.

Rounded toe loop, long limbs, a head with a curved profile, the tail is long. Neck up to 80 cm long, thin. Especially valuable is the wool: a long, thin, shiny, without the lower layer of fluff that looks very similar to human hair. Muzzle and ears covered with short hair, and on his head grow long and beautiful hair, which resembles a forelock.

Najd learned to feel comfortable in hot and dry countries. She can go long distances in search of food and water. At home, especially for exhibitions, feed the sheep need only sorghum.

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