Finnish Landrace, description of goat breeds

Photos, description Finnish Landrace breed goats, characteristic

Photos, description Finnish Landrace breed goats, characteristic

Representatives of the Finnish Landrace also called «suomenvuohi», but the first official title of the kind was due to their own habitat. The most popular pets are in Finland, especially in the western regions. In the initial stages of removing species had only one goal – the production of milk.

Today showed that a dairy product that is produced represented by animals, is used to make a variety of popular varieties of cheese, the most famous of them: feta and feta cheese varieties. Dairy animals which produce it and the amount of product is directly dependent on the external dimensions of the animals. One of the best pupils of the Finnish Landrace, which have been registered, bringing five or more milk per day, and over the years the number grew from 1000 to 1500 liters.

Exterior Features representatives of this species differ in a snow-white color of the coat, except for the white color there are also dark gray or mottled with impressively-brown tides diversity wool scales. Hairs are rather long, thick, heavily coated all the body (especially the back and thigh portion). In the territories of the homeland of the Finnish Landrace – Finland, there are approximately 6000 representatives that live both individually and in small herds.

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