Pig Island Ossabo, breed description

Photos, description pigs Ossabo islands, rocks characteristic of domestic breeding

Photos, description pigs Ossabo islands, rocks characteristic of domestic breeding

Island representatives Ossabo pigs were originally a dwarf variety. The original name of pet sounds like a “mini-piggies island Ossabo» ( «ossabaw island hogs»). The presented variation relates to a multiple of their American breeds. Although Americans and assigned to their own pigs ossabo, breeding breed completely engaged in other areas. There was a dwarf species from distant ancestors that were wild and representatives lived in Spanish territory. In the first half of the 16th century, the Spaniards brought to American island their wild pets. An interesting fact about the species is the very process of their birth. The fact is that in today’s world there are so many varieties that have taken place in the aftermath of various hybridizations of them there are many mini pigov. But the mini-piggies presented in this article have created themselves. With exceptional isolation and natural selection has occurred an incredible variety of representatives, which is also appreciated The greatest among others.

Consider the exterior signs of swine Ossabo representatives of the island. So, pupils have the following characteristics: small size, compact body; pets not rise more than 45-60 cm; maximum live weight, which has an adult pet – about 75-90 kg (with 90 kilograms of livestock gain extremely rare). In pigs snout is long enough for the head of the neatly placed erect ears. Externally, the animals differ saturated black color that prevails on the trunk pets. In addition blacks in the rock there are also other pigs with different colors. You can often see pigs with light brown color, but all the same, even on brown shimmering visible black spots. If you equate representatives of male and female, they often have the presence of bands boars, sows have nothing. When the light appears a new offspring, little pigs have most resemblance to their mothers, that is, kids do not have fathers banding (only in extreme cases, young pigs from birth striped).

From the outset, provided a variety of pigs Ossabo island bred for bacon product. Strictly speaking, the kind of the direction refers to a type of bacon pets. Initially, these pigs prized because they have the ability to develop and nurtured by a live weight of common herbal, or, as they say, pasture, of which pupils take all useful properties. Over time, virtually it confirmed the fact of friendliness and calm disposition of animals. After the facts that have been seen by farmers, continued development of the pupils. So, over time, representatives Ossabo island began to breed in the home territories of ordinary fans. Americans are now very pleased with the variety, so the pig data are considered as one of the best mini-pigs around the world.

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