Mulberry, description and photos

Description and photo Mulberry tree, characteristics, history

Description and photo Mulberry tree, characteristics, history

Mulberry is a fruit and a technical plant, which is very valuable in their properties. There are about 20 varieties of mulberry in the world. In Ukraine, mulberry was 500 years ago, the most common tree with black berries, and rarely white. You can also find breeding grown by mulberry with red berries.

In Japan, there is a sort of mulberry paper, as you have guessed from its name, this plant makes paper, one of the best in the world, because the banknotes are printed exactly on it. White mulberry variety in nature is common in China. A mature tree reaches a height of 20 m, trunk diameter of 1 meter, resistance to drought, frost, the tree can safely spend the winter at a temperature of -. 30 ° C.

Propagated plant seeds, cuttings, fruits formed in July and August, are different in size and shape.

Using the sweetest berries, boil syrup, best drinks, fruit drinks, jam. Berries after them will dry when used in confectionery manufacture. Berries lead to exchanges of materials norm, clean the blood, reduce inflammation, take care of the health of the liver, diseases of the stomach, heart, mulberry juice is used in the formation of pus in the throat, the leaves are brewed as a tea for diabetes, and chop the bark of young twigs, adding to sunflower oil will help heal old wounds.

Wood is a valuable honey plant, wood made musical instruments and containers for the storage of wine. Young bark is useful for the manufacture of twine, and get yellow dye from the leaves. Black mulberry – tree height of 15 m, it is considered the birthplace of Central Asia. The berries are dark purple or black, have a sweet and sour taste. Iron black mulberry several times higher than in white. More like heat and drought resistant. Red plant variety – up to 35 m, trunk diameter of 1.5 m leaves are large, about 7-10 cm, oblong, pointed shape.. The berries are dark red, juicy, sour-sweet.