Description pig Taiwanese green rock that glows

Description Taiwanese rock green pigs that glow, breeding, maintenance and photos

Description Taiwanese rock green pigs that glow, breeding, maintenance and photos

News that in Taiwan came to light green pigs, which are also still shining, made a splash. Now, because the presence of fluorescent cells pets can greatly facilitate research scientists geneticists. Over breeding species represented a group of scientists working at the “National Taiwan University”, and finally, in the second half of the 20th century, the first litter gave life to three little boars. Presentation of the first green luminous pets Taiwanese varieties were produced by Professor Shin-Ji, who in his speech explained the need for all newly representatives. In piglets were assigned multiple of hope, and the very birth of guaranteed assistance in the further design of stem cells.

To create such an unusual rock, it was necessary to work hard. For breeding pigs were involved jellyfish. How? It’s simple. Small embryos filled fluorescent green protein, which is inherent in jellyfish. Later, already filling the embryos introduced eight sows at once, but only 50%, ie half of the sows after this process were fertilized, which immediately showed the possibility of pregnancy (1/2). But, unfortunately, only three pregnancies in the final results gave birth to a new offspring. Externally, in children of different shades of greenish color that is visible even in daylight. If you look at the pets under ultraviolet light, it is possible to observe a bright light green coloring piglets.

Creating a Taiwanese green glowing pigs is not the original environment of such experiments. Previously, such a substance, as a fluorescent green protein or «GFP» used for the development of mice, fish, malarial mosquitoes and rabbits. The objectives of this study was the practical creation of unusual animals, with its characteristic bright green external color.

Yes, and pigs have tried to reproduce in such conditions even in the four years before the pigs were created by Taiwanese. Academician Randy Prather, he worked at the University of Missouri-Columbia, has worked in the field of resolving the issues in the process of xenotransplantation (transplantation of pig organs to develop a human). Thus, the scientist used for experiments yellow fluorescent protein, to prove ownership of the new offspring of animals transgenic representatives.

When they had brought a new generation of Taiwanese green glowing pigs, professor Shin Ji-noticed fact that newborn piglets allow visually-intensive processes to develop fabrics with stem cell transplantation. This is possible thanks to the fluorescence, and also does not need to resort to biopsy or different methods difficult. The fact that representatives of fluorescent pig existed before, a professor does not deny, but rather resembles. But, according to scientists until the piglets were bred Taiwanese, in other wards there was only a partial fluorescence, can not be said about the new green pigs. Currently represented species is the only one in the world in which even the internal organs, including the heart, have an exceptionally bright green coloring.

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