As neutered rabbits at home

Methods of castration of rabbits at home, with your own hands. Tips, photos and step by step instructions

Methods of castration of rabbits at home, with your own hands. Tips, photos and step by step instructions

Castration of male rabbits, the most common procedure performed breeders over their pets. You may ask, but you can do, whether neutered rabbit need? After surgery, males become quieter, not nervous, no longer bite other rabbits. Bites spoils the skin, and as a result its value falls. On the site of the bite, grow new hair, but they tend to become darker in white animals – yellow hairs, and in color – bluish. And neutered rabbits have a better appetite, their weight is greater than 10 – 35%, meat tender and juicier. But not only for the sake of castration carried out in rabbits, it is necessary and as a treatment to prevent diseases such as hernia scrotum, varicose veins, orchitis, tumors, dropsy.

castration procedure itself is not complicated, it is able to carry out any breeder. It is only necessary to be familiar with the anatomical structure of the scrotum. In the ovaries of immature males are placed in the abdomen, and only reached the age of four months, they descend into the scrotum. Spend castration closed or open. Closed, carried out without cutting the skin and open to dissection. So, take a closer look at each of these methods.

As neutered rabbits closed way: with a closed castration method, the animal is suspended by the legs vertically head up. The ovaries descend into the scrotum, all of them together is pulled aside and tie up a surgical unit so that the spermatic cord snapped. After the operation on 3 – 6 day testicles wither and fall off, along with the scrotum.

How to castrate open way: open castration involves the removal of the testes, skin smeared with 5 percent iodine. Cut it along one of the ovary to another, it is extruded to the inguinal ring and bandage surgical unit. On 2 – 3 cm above the node spay a scalpel or scissors. The wound was treated with antiseptic. To seals do not fall out, or intestines, 12 hours before the operation the animal does not need to be fed. After the procedure, the animal can be given to eat digestible treats: carrots, herbs. Twenty-four hours after the operation the animal is moving again, to feel fine.

At what age castrated rabbits: animals younger than 4 months can not be neutered, as if at an older age, that such an operation is carried out only for therapeutic purposes.

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