Growing lambs at home

How to grow lambs at home, description, photos, tips

How to grow lambs at home, description, photos, tips

Growing lambs at home is not a difficult thing, you only need to know a few basic points. Depending on the amount of milk in the uterus of sheep, lambs feeding additional quality – their growth will depend, in general the formation of the suckling period. In good conditions, the lamb gives 3/4 of the annual increase in body weight in the suckling period. The first 15 – 20 days of life babies grow up eating only milk of the mother, babies need a 4.5 – 5 kg of milk for 1 kg of weight. After this period, the food must include lambs hay and concentrates. C 2 – 3 weeks allow kids to walk outdoors initially not more than half, and then the time is increased to an hour and more. The open space, the sun is good for digestion, growth of the animal. If the weather is bad, rain, snow, strong wind, the lamb is better to stay indoors. If the sheep a little milk, a baby is fed to the other female, and some are fed cow’s milk, but it has a slightly different composition and calorific value.

As a top dressing for the 2 – 3 week old lamb broth add oatmeal, it insist in hot water for half an hour, strain off using a sieve. After two weeks of age young animals given concentrated fodder, including: oatmeal, wheat bran 25 g and with four months was increased to 300 g per day. Three-month lambs can eat the same thing as adults because their milk is insufficient for adequate nutrition, and females need to fatten up and prepare for further mating. As a general rule, lambs weaned at 4 months from the mother, and if the females are milked, is 2.5 – 3. After selecting baby in the mother, you need to monitor the condition of the udder. They are produced to graze on the land with dry grasses, and give drink once a day. This “diet” helps stop milk ejection and protect sheep from mastitis. If necessary, the first 2 – 3 days for the female can be milked.

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