Anatolian black Description

Description breed goats Anatolian black, characterization, breeding, and photo content

Description breed goats Anatolian black, characterization, breeding, and photo content

Representatives of Anatolian black rocks belong to the indigenous types of goats. Often found on a variety of modern Turkey.

For its own conformation characteristics of animals have similar data: the average size of which is proportional to the body; small head, which has a direct and great shape; at the head of the placed sufficiently long and broad ears that droop original; also harmonious look horns in males that have a fortress look very wide, in the form of large spirals; inherent earrings and a beard. Wool cover Anatolian black goat different main and constant colors. The background color of hairs: black with gray tints, black and brown shades, light gray, or more colorful palette.

The main product variety is represented by meat and wool products. In practice, it is proved that the breed is not used as milk, do not have to do any positive indicators of milk and milk yields are often minimal. Wool breed performance significantly higher than many other varieties. Animals have quite thick, long hair, which abundantly covers the whole body, and feels sturdy and has a special softness. The colors of woolen coats for 60% of black or dark gray color, the remaining 40% – it is brown or bright red colors, which is also characterized by black representatives Anatolian rock.

The long process of breeding and breeding animals presented, gave rise in kozovodov for inventing other rock titles. So, apart from the official registered name, pets also called kei adi (adi key), keel-kei (kil kei), turkish Netiv (turkish native), kilgoat (kilgoat), Kesey kara (kara keci). Since the main profit owners of this species depends on the pet fur, so the most attention is paid to it. Wool cover almost always goes awry and quickly absorbs odors that surround pets.

The goats farm love and respect, even through that pets are unpretentious and have a calm disposition. Animals are able to quickly acclimatize and adapt to new conditions of life. Exterior factors species indicate directly on their relationship with the representatives of the Syrian goat breeds, which have a long woolen cloak and large broad ears that hang down heavily. The most popular pets are in the mountainous areas of Turkey in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Due to the presence of abundant and dense undercoat, the animals can easily be among the harsh climate and rugged mountains. Animals are almost always live together with their own shepherds herd together with the owner live in the mountains, where the representatives of Anatolian black goats have suitable food that does not break their diet.

Daily nutritional techniques accommodate a branch of pine, olive and almond, except where pets still eat a variety of grass and leaves, or the grain. Appreciate kozovody variety is not in vain. Pets are considered fully domesticated, similar results were pet owners quite a long period of time. In addition, this type is recognizable as one of the most extreme, bad weather or environmental conditions have absolutely no influence on the prosperity of the goats. The immune system is characterized by strength, animals are resistant to various diseases.

So, despite poor milk quality, milk productivity is still present, but it is not as profitable as meat and wool production. For one lactation period, domesticated species of goat produces about 1360 kg of milk product. Pets behave calmly enough, good attitude to the world and easily trainable.

Breed Anatolian black goat is one of those species that are economically viable. Indeed, suppliers and kozovody stressed the ability to reproduce, which takes place all year round. Breeding fast enough compared with other species (for once my mother goat can lead one to three kids), so the owners admired and loved by those who have tamed.

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