Puatuss breed description

Description puatuss breed goats, characteristics, content and photos

Description puatuss breed goats, characteristics, content and photos

In the early 20th century all at the time the existing species of goats began to be gradually replaced by species that are much more able to give benefits to the environment. In this regard, less productive representatives of goat, were replaced by those pets that were considered more productive.

The breed, which will be now it was not one of those who has an incredible ability in the performance of something. Due to the inherent characteristics of pets, with the result that they have an incredibly strong instinct of self-preservation and rapid multiplication, goat breed puatusskaya were able to prove that their existence is not in vain, however, and animals exist until now. This fact conquered the hearts of a large number of French residents.

On the role of pets, presented a variety of coping fine. Goats have a calm and quiet disposition, funny, sensitive, have a strong immune system and resistance to various diseases. fertility levels, by comparison, is also greater than many other species, as well as the fact that pupils of high quality received from a dairy product manufactured cheeses known that different taste receptors. At that time, when all the bad and the least productive goat species were screened from the main or the missing general, several organizations that deal with goat noticed puatusskuyu species that firmly held on its own growth.

The main factor was a poor habitat pets living standards. For these problems come from specific associative groups that have improved wildlife habitat. As a result of the work done robots presented breed goats start a new stage, where pets thrive and develop their own skills. There have been steps in the western territories of the regions of France around the 1980s. Modern scientists have puzzled kozovody little problem of a different kind, and year after year doing research, which resulted in pupils presented puatusskoy breed should improve milk production. For the experiments it is also important and the improvement of existing features, such as the coordination of selection or adjustment of the conventional genetic features. You may notice that for quite a little period of time, there have been many studies and successfully. The results of this stability is a strong genetic congestion that provoke the inclusion of self-preservation mode.

In the future time breeders want to find all the same gene that is responsible for the stability of the rock life, then they will be the same life force to give other species that will guarantee for a long life span and improving the productive qualities of the other varieties of goats.

For one lactation interval that lasts from 9 to 11 months, pupils tend to produce about 450-650 liters of dairy products. During one day, the average dairy gain is about one and a half to two liters of high quality milk. It is also known that the milk puatuss.

Representatives not only has quality and density for the non-standard product, but also is open to the taste. Adult female representative of the genus has about 45-55 kg of live weight, and the masculine representative weighs about 55-65 kilograms. The average height measurement pets reach 60 to 80 cm, and the goats are often a bit higher than goats.

Exterior Features animals are actually standard. In the generations across the breed puatusskaya with the presence of horns, and without their presence. Color the coat in most cases, dark brown or black shades, which are constantly shouting. Often there are goats with white color of the abdomen, which darkens little by little to the top. Wool feature of the animals is a black muzzle with the presence of two white strips of expression.

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