The temperature for the cultivation of bonsai at home

Properly set up the temperature for growing bonsai home

Properly set up the temperature for growing bonsai home

There are several varieties of miniature trees, which are intended for plants in a subtropical climate. These are: March, olive, pomegranate, rosemary. Presented in the winter types provide the time at temperature that modifies from 5 to 15 degrees in Celsius. In the warm summer time period represented by the plant is left in open areas exposed to direct sunlight.

Tropical specimens to provide at temperatures 18-25 degrees Celsius for the whole year round, in turn. Even in the summer indoor bonsai trees are in the home, indoors. Tropical representatives are more demand than subtropical. Therefore it is not recommended to leave the trees on the stone window sills, because the plants are often cold there.

In caring for bonsai important factors are the proportions. Depending on how much heat gets bonsai respectively same plants need light and nutrients. During the summer time period the higher the temperature, so for the good functioning of bonsai necessarily watered often and provide a sufficient amount of light.

Winter is time characterized by low temperatures, ie, miniature tree needs a minimum-abundant watering, and a small amount of nutrients.

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