Kun-kun, a description of the breed mini pigov

Photos, description mini pigov breed Kun-kun, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description mini pigov breed Kun-kun, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Presented small breed pigs were initially injected into New Zealand territory. The main name of the breed of mini-pigov “kun-kun” translated into the Maori language, which means “round, plump or kolobochek”. Often you can hear the submitted piglets called kun-kun with a feast-feasts. What is the meaning of this phrase? Pir-feasts are small brush or earrings that reach a length of three to five centimeters. They tend to sag from the bottom jaw region, besides, such a feature found only in this breed of pig.

If we talk about when it first began exporting processes kun-kun, such a fact quite unknown. But, the very factor that pets have spread to areas of Europe and Great Britain confirmed. The number of representatives from the increased, on the contrary, decreased every year. On the eve of the 21st century (about 1970), the number of pigs kung kung significantly minimized, but after a while the animals again began to revive. So, at the moment, there are several thousand species of animals kun-kun. Somewhere in 1978, pig-feast feasts were becoming more popular, spread quickly. Especially intensively they gained the farmers, as well as private-pig lovers.

Mature representatives kun-kun have no more than 85 cm in height and a maximum of 95 cm in length. You agree that provided exterior dimensions similar to a small square. Given the round shapes pets and small feet, it becomes clear why the species was given such a ridiculous title.

Consider other exterior features: small warhead; the profile of most of the line, in the minority – curved forms; inherent upturned; cover quite abundant, bristle length is varied, often bristles are twisted, but there are also pets with smooth woolen cloak. Externally, there are several different colors of the base coating representatives kun-kun. These include palette bristle: snow-white, shades of gold, cream; orange, dark brown, various shades of gray, mottled coat.

To get such nice kids, there are several different reasons that have been verified owners kung kung practice.

The first representatives of this breed have an unusually quiet nature. The kids hardly get out of yourself, behave amicably and peacefully. In addition, animals are very intelligent, easily trained, do not require high conditions, and to care for them is easy. They are interested in many things, curious.

Secondly, omnivorous different qualities. Create a nutritious diet for a variety of kung kung is no problem. Especially highlighted food fresh greens, a variety of herbs that is worth walking the mini-pigs in the pastures. In addition, kids can feed vegetables, fruit, various cereals and the like. In practice, it is proved that the pet food is one of the main characteristics of gains popularity among pig farmers.

Third, already on 60-th day, ie two months of age, pigs reach the hunting instincts that early enough. But farmers keep pigs to full maturity. It is known that during pregnancy mature representatives of the feminine becomes approximately 110 to 115 days, after which the first lambing, sow leads from 4 to 15 pups. Females have developed excellent mothering ability, and mother pigs take good care of their own offspring. The difference between a pair of kun-kun is that in one place can live wallpaper representatives (the sow and boar) until the end of pregnancy. At such times, the pig well treated and cared for each other.

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