Czech Brown goat

Photos, description Czech brown breed goats, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description Czech brown breed goats, characteristic for home breeding

The breed goats Czech Brown, which was created a long time, but the results in the end, were positive. The first successful attempts to bring a new breed of dairy dating back to the early 20th century, it was then for the first time experts local goats crossed with a light coat with goats and the German Alpine breed, coat color which has a rich brown color. A significant result emerged already in the 70s of the last century, it was then that the Czech Brown goat established itself all the productive qualities. But it is not all rosy, and then there was the matter is that the breed is not gained great popularity in demand, so constantly raised the issue of the disappearance of the Czech brown breed in general. But luckily, the breed remained there until our time. Farmers are closer acquainted with these goats, appreciate them for a number of positive qualities.

Another name that is less common – Czech shorthair goat. The breed has existed on the verge of extinction due to the fact that breeders have set stringent standards. The main standards are both hornless goats and goats. Because of these strict conditions a considerable part of representatives of the Czech shorthair breeds are born with horns, did not respond to further reproduction. Such a standard has existed until the mid 90s, later, began to breed and hornless and horned goats, which greatly increased the number of animals. Today, the 4th part of the Czech goats constitute horned animals.

Every year the population of the Czech Burykh goats increases, more and more farmers are beginning to pay attention to this perspective the breed. The count – it is 400 thousand goats that are bred successfully and provide quality products. On small farms or farms to keep the Czech Burykh goats are very convenient because they give a lot of milk and have a very calm nature (no small role in this was the fact that the majority of hornless goat and not get into a fight with each other). Many Czech and goats are bred in large enterprises for the production, processing and sale of milk.

Exterior Czech Bura goats very correct and attractive. The breed belongs to the middle-heavy, so all the parts are relatively not too large. Build strong, but very carefully, all the lines are smooth and pleasant. Legs long, shapely, firm and strong. The head is small, straight nose, the eyes are large, brilliant. At the head of a pair of ears that have a neat shape and small size. If the thoroughbred breed, then behind the ear must necessarily be a special note – the black spot in the form of a triangle. The appearance is very similar in appearance great, but nice dog.

For the name of the breed is easy to guess that the Czech breed of goats has brown coat color, but the shade can vary greatly: from black to brown. Brown, in turn, can also be changed and implemented with different shades – from red to light brown. The brown color – is the main and most obvious sign of the breed, but should be aware that the Czech Brown goat is black limbs, hooves, snout, belly, and a dark color painted the inside of the ear. The coat is short and has an average thickness.

Another special feature that allows you to distinguish between the Czech brown goat on the other – it is a special construction of the udder. If the goat is milked, the udder it loses its shape, becoming like a deflated balloon all in the folds and the emptiness inside, and when the Czech Brown goat milk is gaining, her udder is large, elastic, soft and pleasant to the touch. It is very easy for these conditions to determine how much milk was typed in goats for a while. Milking can manually because nipples are large and comfortable, but also can be applied to specific devices.

Milk goats Czech Burykh of excellent quality, the average fat content, without a specific smell and pleasant taste. Some farmers even claim that the Czech milk goats are much sweeter than any other milk and adore children. During the year the goat can produce from 800 to 1000 kg of milk per year, a fat content of not less than 3.5%. Construction of the udder allows you to dial a lot of milk and does not create problems in the further milking.

Czech Brown goats belong to the medium-heavy type, so the growth of the adult goat in the shoulder becomes about 75-80 cm, and goats – 65-75 cm while the weight is also not differ by more indicators:. Goat weight becomes not more than 85 kg, goat gain up to 50 kg liveweight. For cultivation in the home Czech Brown goat fits perfectly, firstly, the small size allows you to cope with the animals without problems; secondly, they have everything else and very calm nature, a high level of adaptation. Grazing goats, you can simply open air, looking for food Czech Brown goats can walk long distances, they are not vulnerable to diseases and pests fine. Also, many farmers argue that these animals are also very smart, they quickly remember their own nicknames, respond to them, in all obey the master.

Negative qualities are not so many, but they have: the first is that the hoof is often necessary to cut the animal to feel comfortable. Second, it is that at very high temperatures can be significantly reduced yields in the summer. And finally treated to the same warm summer period, when various midge constantly circling and landing on the coat and exposed areas, especially by preventing the normal Czech Burykh Besides grazing goats.

To must not only did not decrease during the summer, but on the contrary add, need to cross the Czech brown goat with Saanen, which are more productive. Thus, these hybrids will produce at least 6 liters of milk per day, while possessing good character and attractive appearance. Milk has a nice, but a bit peculiar taste, which is a certain similarity with cream. It also has a silky texture and a slightly sweet taste. Another indicator of high quality milk goats Czech Bura is a moderate fat content and protein. Excellent taste properties of milk plus milk production even during lambing brings a very good profit as a result.

Czech Brown goat from time to time fall into the register of animals, the breed of which there are on the verge of extinction, but at the present stage of the same in the past, because more and more farmers are starting to raise goats Czech breed. Great demand for improved breeders breed which is characterized by a high rate of milk-production. Adults Czech Brown goat improved type can produce up to 2,600 liters of milk per year. The animal is well adapted to the cold climate and can survive even 30 degrees of frost, without compromising its productive qualities.

Czech Brown goat can be a favorite in the barnyard. It can be diluted and amateurs, and professionals, as the breed is very unpretentious, quiet and with good productive qualities.

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