Goat breed Garganico description

Photos, description goats breed Garganico characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description goats breed Garganico characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

The appearance of the first representative of the breed of goats Garganico was seen on the territory of a small town Gargani, which is located in the small province of Foggia in the Puglia region. Initially brought in Foggia pets, but other than that they say more about that place rocks Garganico product was found to this very place was the southern side of Italy (assume that the action occurred in Basilicata, Campania and Calabria). In the initial stages of Representatives Garganico often crossed with other European species that lived in the western regions.

The breed is characterized by milk type directions.

Newborn babies are born black or dark gray woolen coat coloration and maturation take another look – brown or light brown woolen blanket. Check pets can also be due to the variety inherent in long, straight and sufficiently curled horns, that is also called helical.

For its own conformation traits, pets have the following characteristics: black, brown, or, quite rare, red color of hairs; Wool is inherent rather luxurious length and curly hairs permanently, from coats pets there is an undercoat, but it is minimally noticeable because of the same color as the main cover of the same color and the skin of the animals; Figured representatives Garganico small enough and fit; in the rock horns have two articles; live weight of male representative is about 55-65 kg, but becomes height – 80-90 cm; live weight of female representative – about 35-40 cm and height – 60-80 cm.

Since the kind of belongs to the dairy, with their natural duties pets cope fine. Over an average period laktatsiozny goats produce 200 to 270 liters of high quality milk. In practice, it is proved that the representatives Garganico species is very profitable and undemanding in terms of content. These factors make popular pets in the areas where it is difficult to contain the animals. Goats quickly acclimatize and adapt to even the most challenging of environments.

The owners of such animals are bred and because of their high reliability and viability. Breed Garganico has excellent immune system and resistance to diseases.

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