Lithuanian White pig

Photos, description of Lithuanian White breed pigs, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance


Introduced species of Lithuanian White breed pigs has good meat and greasy properties, so it is a type of direction meat and greasy.

Exterior characteristics indicate a large enough body, bone system is strong and well developed. Dimensions body length of an adult male representative becomes about 165-180 cm, if we measure the girth of the chest, then we get the result of about 155-165 cm. The adult female representative, in turn, has a body length of between 150 and 160 cm. Pets are not high, and the height of the legs has a medium size. As boars and sows of medium size head, and in the profile representatives of the Lithuanian varieties have white trim and a little bend. Animals have small ears, which is clearly directed forward and to the sides, but compared with many other species, have shown variations ears hang down over his eyes, thus do not create discomfort. Average head portion gradually becomes a rather short neck, and she, in turn, harmonious look with a large, straight and convex dorsal part. Lithuanian white pigs have proportionate to the body and deep sides, between which looks quite resilient (in any case not sagging), a big belly. Externally, it can be seen white skin tones, touch it dense, without the presence of fat folds, and comparatively not fat. Pigs have stubble. Stubble is not very long, probably a medium-sized, fairly rare and also white, like the skin of animals. In Lithuanian White breed has certain exterior differences that characterize flaws and shortcomings. These include: badly sagging rump, pretty weak and undeveloped grandmother, and despite the fact that the species has acquired have provided is not too plentiful, but on the contrary, believed that too minimal vegetation is a significant drawback.

Thus, we consider the productivity of Lithuanian White pigs. As has been previously defined, the direction of the variety of meat and greasy. Live adult weight (about three years) representative of a male (boar) waver from 310 to 315 kg. At the same time a pet has a body length of 180-185 cm. Women’s representative (the sow) weighs about 240-250 kg, have a body length of about 160-170 cm. With its own mothering ability of the sow to cope well. For a time my mother-pig can bring near ten piglets, which is a relatively large number. Sows milkiness is 50-60 kg, and the weight of the nest after 60 days – about 165-175 kg. Based on the research of Lithuanian white representatives, statistics showed such results under severe surveillance and control. So, within 190 days (approximately two years) the animals gained about 95-105 kg of body weight, while one kilogram of pet food have been spent 3.5-4.5 units. At the same age outside the main indicators of the carcass, the length of which becomes 95-100 cm were measured, backfat thickness – 25-35 mm, and the average weight of the rear Leg – 10,0-11,0 kg.

As you can see, the breed is quite profitable for content. Then it gets interesting, where did you receive the kind and who was able to bring it. By name it is clear that in some way, pigs have a connection with Latvia. Indeed, it is in this country, and invented this kind. It turned out to create such animal breeders trained with the help of reproductive crossing method, in which were involved representatives of local sows and boars are several varieties: Large White breed, German korotkouhaya and long-eared breeds. Originally white Lithuanian pets bred only in the regions of the homeland, but over time the pigs began to appear in other countries, such as Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine, where they have achieved considerable popularity and still have the advantage in various farms. Currently, as in the past, held a variety of research and improvement of the representatives of the breed. Especially on this aim, developers breeding methods. The main objectives today is to increase the fattening boundaries, multiplication of meat products, as well as minor changes to the exterior characteristics of the shortcomings pets.

The second part of the names of animals consists of the word “white”, to which also there are some explanations. The fact that the final results of reproductive crossing of pigs, nearly all kinds of exterior appearance has become a replica of the large white representatives. Besides color, Lithuanian pupils also inherited the size and body structure, type of constitution. Besides exterior matches, rocks are identical in productivity processes. External indicators are also often the presence of certain shortcomings: poorly developed grandmother, interception in the blades, the lack of abundant overgrown and overgrown in general.

Lithuanian White breed, despite any imperfections, it is still popular among farmers. Representatives of this breed is often used simply to further crossing. Practice has shown that perfectly match the Lithuanian animals, together with representatives of Landrace breed. Similar splits, in the end result, raise the bar of the average daily weight gain of 7-11%. It improved the percentage of live slaughter weight – increased by 10-20%, so the results are accelerated to a significant number of days. Also, an advantage of the Lithuanian White and Landrace, applies a reduced amount of food: per kilogram – 0,30-1,5 units. In fact, as are improved palatability of meat products.

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