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Photos, description pigs breed Pietrain, characterization, breeding, and the content in the home

Photos, description pigs breed Pietrain, characterization, breeding, and the content in the home

Representatives of the Pietrain breed of pig species is aimed at high rates of meat, bacon and more accurate direction. In the first half of the 20th century the breed Pietrain pigs have been created on the Belgian territory. It brought this kind of method of reproductive crossing of a few pigs, which include: local pigs, representatives Berkshire breed York Shire pigs, large white pigs old English type, as well as several other animals of other species. Pietrain initially had high meat productivity, which, after many years, has not changed. In today’s pupils are used not only for the production of meat products, as well as to improve the productivity of meat from other species. Using the method of reproductive crossing Pietrain representatives (particularly boars) and other pigs, significantly improving the quality of meat production. In addition, pets are quite popular among a variety of different areas, especially the popularity of the animals reached in regions of Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, where they are highly valued meat product own taste.

An interesting fact is that the process of reproductive crossing ends each time differently. For example, final results of reproductive crossing Pietrain pigs and pets Duroc showed that the offspring significantly increased meat (bacon) food. There were other connections – Pietrain and Landrace breeds, at the end of studies has been reached the initial goal, which was to create pigs that have had an intense riser and high development. The results may not be identical, because each species has certain personal qualities, and that makes all the pigs in different and original. Therefore, in the crossing of Representatives need to carefully examine both breeds, in order not to harm the animals. Compared with other pigs, a variety of meat qualities Pietrain famous not only in performance, but also because this is the dominant characteristic. Genetic studies have shown variations that such pets are not predisposed to any accumulation of fat ingredients. Under the conditions, if crossbreed Pietrain that has meat (bacon), orientation, and other species that has meat and greasy type, the final result is still born offspring with good meat qualities.

Most breeds are unpretentious to the conditions of life, what is presented is very different species. In fact, a very important factor is the place where pigs live. Experience shows that animals can not tolerate too high and too low temperatures, that is, the place promises Pietrain should not be cold nor hot. Also, pets that can fully reveal their own meat quality, needs well-formed diet. For proper nutritious diet applies balanced feed. Often there are situations that pets are gaining weight very slowly live, such situations occur in the consequences of improper feeding, then the minimum weight gain of animals.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the representatives of this species. So, pigs have a large, wide trunk that is not very long and has a well-developed muscles and hams. Bone system in pets is thin and light enough. Pigs are medium in size, in a profile looks right. The representatives of this species of small ears that stand straight. Thorax Pietrain wide, but not very convex. The dorsal area is large and has a noticeable relief. On either side of the pig have a noticeable roundness. Also of considerable size hams that gently go into hock joints line. Externally, the pets have a white suit, rarely seen colorful animals. Experienced breeders that breed Pietro know which pets are best suitable for slaughter. The main rule in breeding the breed presented for slaughter to use adult representatives of the feminine (sows) that have a strong, white suit.

Sow at a time can lead to eight children, that, compared with other species, is considered an indicator of low fertility. In addition, maternal quality Pietrain are underdeveloped. Dairy-quality pig mother quite low, so the eight young, sow the strength to bring up only four to six kids. With proper care and nutrition, at the age of seven or eight months (200-240 days), the young has about 85-105 kg body weight. For an average daily gain of fattening beef statistics is around 450-600 grams, despite the fact that per kilogram of spent approximately 1.5-2.5 food units, and for meat and greasy fattening used about 3.0-4.5 units per kilogram body weight.

Presented kind has many advantages, which include high-quality meat, well developed debarking area, a low percentage of conversion of feed, completely missing the accumulation of fat glands. Also, pupils have good immune system, which guarantees them protection and resistance to circovirus that is capable of hitting virtually all members of the breed of pig. In addition to these qualities, the breed is also excellent exterior characteristics. Well developed a constitution, whereby pupils have good viability. By the already mentioned positive feedback about the pigs, also include quality and precocity of intensive growth, the effective absorption of nutrients that help to gain a lot of meat. It is especially important for those who are engaged in breeding Pietrain, favorable performance characteristics. Practice has shown that the slaughter yield of meat products has an improved level. This corresponds to an intensive growth and a great percentage of meat. When crossing breeds are characterized by maximum sexual instincts and hybrid forces, also in the new generation of high resistance to disease.

As it was mentioned earlier in the article, Pietro pets need certain climatic conditions. Pigs are not acclimatized to the variety and poorly adapted to the new environment. They are not suitable cold or heat, and only the constant warm climate. Often in areas where there are representatives Pietro establish special units for the constant maintenance of certain temperature conditions. If the animals do not receive all the necessary nutrients that are balanced feed, that is the minimum gain of pets. A large percentage of Pietrain pigs quite sensitive behave in stressful situations that can also badly affect their own development.

The main characteristic by which pupils gained high popularity – meat productivity. Meat quality of pupils dominate the sebaceous, so when combining representatives of Pietrain pigs and other species, a new generation of beef as a result. Especially profitable to breed varieties Pietrain boars with Mirgorodska and North Caucasian varieties of species, obtained with specialized meat Valais pigs. Pigs are also used for the creation or improvement of local varieties. Scientists examined the different reproductive mating pet, so a pair of Pietrain and Landrace progeny established, with a large percentage of precocity and Pietrain and Duroc crossbreeding resulted in a new generation of pig manure that is characterized by improved meat quality.

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