Ukrainian steppes speckled pig

Photos, description Ukrainian steppe pock-marked breed pigs, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description Ukrainian steppe pock-marked breed pigs, characteristic for home breeding

Introduced a variety of Ukrainian steppe pockmarked pigs according to their own characteristics related to the productivity of meat and greasy or universal direction. Pets of the breed stand out well adapted to the peculiarities of the arid climate conditions. Exterior signs, which are characterized by Ukrainian steppes speckled pig, is a massive constitution, with well-developed bone system. Pigs have a high and a convex rib cage; dorsal and lumbar region are wide, straight and deep; well designed hams that pass smoothly into hock; medium size sacrum (sacrum found that hangs down, which is a gross lack of pigs on the trunk of the variety).

Adult male representative possesses 270-310 kg live weight, and body size in length ranging from 170 to 180 cm. In turn, the female representative weigh approximately 190-230 kg, body length of 155 to 165 cm. Externally visible basic colors stripes pets. Suits mostly variegated colors, so the trunk pets has many shades: black with white iridescent black with orange spots, multiple shades of brown and others.

Sows are reasonably high multiple pregnancy. Thus, in one litter, mother pig gives a life of 10 to 14 young pigs. control fattening results showed that the average daily gain in live weight babies of 600-700 grams. Approximately 180-210 days of life (6-7 months), pets weigh around a hundred kilos.

Breeding varieties presented was carried out on the territory of Ukraine in the Kherson region. The foundation for the Ukrainian steppe pock-marked rocks consciousness served as Ukrainian steppe white pig. New Pet line was derived by the method of reproductive crossing of representatives of Berkshire and mangalitskoy species. At the moment the representatives of the breed in all parts of the plant on the territory of Odessa, Nikolaev, Zaporozhye Ukrainian regions.

Introduced pigs line has a lot of advantages, which is why the breed and scored high enough popularity in certain circles. Pets Ukrainian steppe pock-marked species are massive and strong body, good bone, quickly acclimatize and adapt particularly well feel hot and dry climates.

Lacks almost non-existent, except that there are representatives to clearly hanging sacrum, but this shortcoming is not actually violate any pet productive functions.

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