Preparation of feed for rabbits, tips

Preparation of feed for rabbits, tips on preparation, description and a photo

Preparation of feed for rabbits, tips on preparation, description and a photo

Prigotavlivanie feed for rabbits includes mechanical, thermal and biological treatment products. Mechanical includes cleaning root crops, their washing, slicing, mixing products. Heat consists of boiling, steaming, feed and grain. Biological, for example, it ensiling includes rich feed preservation, in terms misses to air, it acts as a preservative lactic acid, which is formed from lactic acid bacteria.

If silage is made generally, the nutrients should not exceed 10% and save a carotene and minerals. With a silaging sugar lactic acid is formed, it has a positive effect on the robot intestine, stomach, normal metabolism, increases appetite. Some types of food are pre-treated, move some examples: hay from spring plants crumbled and served food of bran, oil cake in the form of a mixture; hay dust pour over boiling water and served with oil cake; large straw crushed, steamed and served with bran, root vegetables; tuber root brush, leaves and rotten parts are cut, well-milled; frozen silage before feeding well thawed; pressed cake is crushed, flour and bran moistened before feeding; sunflower seeds, flax, hemp and raw produce a brewed; Fermented milk products are fed in bulk form or as a mash with concentrates; bone, fish, blood meal, minerals are added to concentrates or feed.

It is not advisable to feed the rabbits for a long time, one and the food, especially as concerns the green, even if you see that rabbit loves them very much, and eats with gusto. Since this may lead to a reduction of digestible nutrients and reduced fertility calves. The quality of food depends on the conditions in which it is stored hay, grain should be in a dry room where will not be able to get rodents and insects.

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