Romanov sheep breed, characteristic

Characteristics of the Romanov sheep breed

Characteristics of the Romanov sheep breed

Romanov breed of sheep wool has a rough appearance, characterized by short-tailed animals. The first breed bred for their meat and wool 200 years in the Yaroslavl region near the town of Romanov, the modern name of the city of Tutaev.

Adult sheep Romanov breed has a narrow snout, and planted obliquely sharp teeth. Suffice it to easily adapt to any conditions, durable, thanks to its wool is not afraid of cold, can withstand frost – 25 – 30 °C and heat. Female bears from 2 to 7 lambs, milk yield is 50 – 200 l. Cut their animals three times a year: in March, June and September. Male sheared from about 3 kg, 1.8 kg females. Autumn lambs in 10 – 11 months killed for meat. Sheepskin with these animals is considered one of the best in the world, because it is very warm, practical, easy, delicious, soft to the touch, beautiful.

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