How to feed lactating rabbits

What is right and how to feed the rabbit during lactation - advice

What is right and how to feed the rabbit during lactation – advice

Most rabbits load the body experiences during lactation, so the body needs nutrients. After completion of the forces needed not only to the body, but also so that the body could produce milk vital kids.

On the day of rabbit produces 180 g and 30 g of milk protein. To be able to allocate such amount thereof, the body needs to obtain 50 – 70 g of feed proteins. To create a milk body needs more food than during mating. Eating rabbit should change in a few days, from 1 to 10 – 330 g of feed, 11 to 20 – 440 g, from 21 to 30 – 560 g and from 31 and up to weaning rabbits – 700 to form the body of 1 g milk rabbit spends 0.9 g feed unit. During lactation, the rabbit must be given: the summer – alfalfa, clover, oat mixture, various herbs, winter – legume hay, potatoes, silage. Mandatory addition to the menu is oats, peas, bran. Mineral components also have to be an animal food, if they are in the body is small, it will affect lactation milk quality and quantity. To rabbit body to produce more milk, you need to feed the animal products that increase the milk content in the body. To stimulate the formation of milk as possible and by adding food dill sprouts, parsley on a daily basis.

Good dairy rabbits to feed such combinations of mixed fodder: 60% oats, 40% of mineral additives. Increasing the amount of animal feed will have when brought rabbit rabbits after 18 – 20 days, then the little rabbits survive, eating one milk. If you have sour milk it can also be eaten rabbit.

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