How to feed pet rabbits

How to feed the decorative and not just rabbits at home for meat

How to feed the decorative and not just rabbits at home for meat

Rabbits feed exclusively on plant foods, is known to all. Each feed is composed of different amounts and different kinds of nutrients.

To eat right pet rabbits for slaughter (for meat), they should be given more than one kind of food, and use mixtures of different forages. If the excellent conditions for the content of the rabbits will be created you, but the power will not be varied and nutritious, the expected results from the animals do not expect.

Proper nutrition for pet rabbits is based on what kind of nutrients, minerals and vitamins you need every growing organism, and in what quantity. Rabbits are very fertile, well and growing rapidly, all the credit necessary animal substances. Monetary items at the rabbits feed expenses cover as a result about 40% of the cost of finished products.

Many breeders mistakenly believe that it is enough to buy a good breed of rabbits, which will give a good issue, but this is a misconception. After all, high-quality breed was created with good feeding, and if these conditions do not create them, the animals will not bring the expected results. In addition, malnutrition is fraught with diseases such as beriberi, bone diseases, metabolic disorders, low fertility and high mortality in animals.

Poor nutrition affects animals at puberty, it comes much later than that is laid, poor fertility, and as a result are born not viable rabbits. Adult rabbit eats per day 35 -40 times, of which the main use of feed falls on the night and morning, and young individuals in a few times more. And, therefore, need to feed or give slowly, or do self feeders, where food will not be contaminated.

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