Havana Brown cat

Photos, description cat breed Havana Brown, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description cat breed Havana Brown, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

The basis of all oriental cats began to breed Havana Brown. The first representative of the variety of no small importance was discovered in 1959. The name of breed of cats has an interesting and original origin, named after the cat Havana Brown in honor of Cuban cigars. The reason for this was the chocolate, nice color woolen cover, which is exactly similar to the color of a cigar.

Outside Havana cat closer to the Siamese breed, but similar shape except for external no, because the representatives of Havana Brown particular personality with its own charm and uniqueness. Provenance cats quite amusing. We know about the crossing of the European Shorthair and Siamese with brown specks of instances in which the results of the Havana born offspring. By the shades of the coat are also brown, which could occur under the conditions if pets from birth to live in a climate with cold temperatures. European representatives of the breed were grown and in the territories of the Swiss mountains, from which the pupils are called cats with the Swiss mountains. At the touch of pets are very nice, have a soft, silky and shiny hair.

Externally, the seals of small size, with a muscular and strong physique, beautiful “gentry” posture. A fundamental feature of the breed conformation is pronounced chocolate coat color, without all the other shades of stains. Newborn kittens sometimes have birthmarks spots that are aligned with the tone maturation process.

Exterior features cat breed Havana Brown: a medium-sized, wide and erect ears; Eyes almond shaped, mostly shades of green; on cute muzzle gently placed a small, pinkish nose end (of the same color feet pads); the head cats small, slightly elongated type; antennae, usually brown or light brown color that looks harmonious with the basic color of the coat. Havana representatives of excellent climbers and jumpers at what they are doing with a certain grace and elegance. In your house cat will continually seek methods to get in the spotlight, and only the fact that they create naimileyshie you will personally give them a lot of time and attention. Pets are constantly playing and looking for adventure, practically do not get tired in their own favorite activities – entertainment. Pets are very quickly become accustomed to the private owners, so when left alone (not recommended), begin insanely bored and has been shown to fall into a deep depression, they have no desire to play, explore and even to eat.

The basic rule for the care of the Havana cats is usually to pay for pets lots of love and attention. Cats virtually independent, they constantly need every kind of help and support. This point of care is the first and principal. Adaptation Havana cats surprisingly high. No matter in what place are pets, the main thing that is important to them – the presence of a number of pet owners. In some ways, this breed is similar to children who are constantly in need of care on the part of parents. Do not be afraid that the new pet will be under threat, cats are very fond of the big companies, so rarely come into conflict, often perceive new residents in the house happy and friendly. In place of pets in any case do not sit. One has only to turn away and Your Pet is already doing something that it is interesting and exciting. In cats is never a bad mood, and a request to play with them becomes a great pleasure in first place for the breed personally.

Permanent paddock cats welcome, even mandatory. Each walk – this new research area, various acquaintances and always a lot of positive memories for Havana pets, even if the paddock will be carried out with the leash, the presence of not a problem for cats, to which they also quickly become accustomed.

Compared to other breeds of cats from representatives of these incredibly strong character, a lot of patience and at the same time, cute cats, kind and peaceful, which is considered a unique and original combination, subservient pets.

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