Cats La Perm

Photos, description cats breed La Perm, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description cats breed La Perm, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

The founder of the breed cats La Rerm was a unique little kitty named Curly. Baby born with complete absence of the coat, which immediately made a special cat. The first month was observed the presence of even a small pomp, and then, in the second month, a representative of the breed of hairless kittens turned into a small home favorite of curly hairs. After two months, the pet began to appear more pronounced curled hairs, similar to small and curled circles. Born this original cat a normal cat and Rat-traps, in the second half of the 20th century (about 1980). On the pet pay attention not only because it was covered with woolen fur interesting, but also because the cat had a remarkable character.
Exterior details the most talk about the incredible and unusual pet fur. Texture hairs stands out for its curls, it seems that they are clocked at curling or small curlers. Unique curls abundantly cover almost all of the body, especially a lot of lint in the chest, back, head and tail. The tail is also considered the most fluffy, it is the biggest part of the curls, the length of which can easily be compared with the length of wool popular breeds of sheep.

Variety la perm is divided into two different categories: short-haired and long-haired. Have a small la perma house means to have true happiness. At the beginning of the breed of the invention, the owner said the good-natured and soft pet. The cat quickly becomes attached to his own master, can sincerely regret and support, in a difficult situation would be happy to help everyone they can. Sometimes it seems that pets are talking with the owners, kittens catch every word, and also meet with loud purring and touch.

Representatives la perm inherent in some irreplaceable affection, which is not in many other species. Each look and gesture, request or motion will not leave indifferent and did not play a little s baby. By the way, pets sometimes behave really like little children: constantly being asked to handle, sometimes meow as if dissatisfied with something or just play with no end, not leaving anyone alone. And if the one who tamed a pet do not have time to have fun, then the cat will be happy to help him in what he is doing.

Earlier variety also known as “la perm”, an interesting fact that the origin of the name is often confused with the city of Perm, to which cats have absolutely no communion. At first glance it seems that pets need good care, because they have quite an unusual covering of wool, which is a mistaken belief. In fact, pets are unpretentious in the care and vice versa popular wool own positive qualities. Hairs almost do not cause allergic reactions, they should be periodically washed with a special shampoo and rarely combed not with a stiff brush. Practice content cat species la perm has shown that often newborn kittens are born with straight hair already, and during periods of moulting cats, pets can be completely or partially bald.

Many owners who purchased a home of Breed la perm leave only positive feedback about the kitty. On so many amazing animals, many owners have not yet met and incredibly happy with the purchase so if you need a friend, and being who is ready to support in difficult situations – purchase kitty la perm.

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