Breeding carp in the home in the country

Cultivation and breeding of carp in the country in an artificial pond, photo, description. Home-Based Business

Cultivation and breeding of carp in the country in an artificial pond, photo, description. Home-Based Business

Meat products crucian own qualities of taste and nutrients, in fact is not inferior to the meat of carp. Thus, it has been proven that carp grow and breed in the home in a natural pond, swimming pool, lake, even in the country can be in the general pond with carp, as well as separately, in particular monoculture.

For all the time growing carp, a species was divided into two separate groups: representatives of the gold (or ordinary) and silver. For reasons of productivity that were investigated with both categories of carp, a meat product is registered at the golden fish, but silver outperform in growth rate. Despite the fact that much less of silver carp common weight set them faster. For some reason, many believe that gold farming representatives more profitable, so they are among the fish farmers are more popular.

Keep carp not only simple, but also profitable. It is known that carp have good qualities and positive attributes. For example, simplicity to the conditions of life, and a strong immune system, which is the guarantor of stability before serious diseases. Such diseases include branhiomikoz or rubella. The fact that not all species have the ability to resist the ailments presented, so the content of carp often more advantageous in areas where breeding carp and other species is dangerous. As for the winter period, when the ponds are covered with ice, carp great feel in its habitat and diet that is necessary for the fish, it may be composed of a variety of feed mixtures.

In the domestic breeding time of growing carp becomes approximately two to four years, this interval is considered to be the standard. Terms of fish habitat in the home water ponds match carp breeding technology.

In order to breed varieties represented, fish farmers must first get carp producers. To do this it is best to use the male representatives of the golden or common group of fish, in addition, male carp or carp suit. For the female half with silver females, proved that about 70% of a silver carp species – the female. The external shape and size of fish of both sexes must be virtually identical. In the early stages, until the stage is reached spawning, male and female representatives must be kept in different places, but in any case together. For silver female representatives is characterized by the onset of puberty at the age of about two years, but when they face the task of breeding, the female’s age must be greater than two or three years.

Interval nerestnogo process takes place during June and July. For spawning carp in all parts, various ponds, since they are exempt from carp or proposed use wintering pond. It has been observed that carp spawning takes place much earlier. The whole area of ​​the future reservoir need to start completely filled with water, the action is done by one or two days before to run productive representatives. There is a certain way in which it is easy to set the number-goldfish producers required for spawning. On the territory of 100 square meters of the pond, which is home to fish, using about six varieties of female representatives of a silver carp and a similar number of males (carp, carp, crucian gold subgroup). The main rule of the landing of male representatives – fluid milk.

Habitat, in this case, the pond should contain a sufficient amount of greenery and all sorts of vegetation, it is a prerequisite for good results spawning. A common problem is the lack of plants in the pond, it is easy to solve in our time as a lifeguard in this situation becomes artificial spawning.

Even after successful spawning, on the passage of three to six days, the larvae are small a silver species are born. However, it is also worth noting that the terms are formed differently, depending on the water temperature indicators. Especially in the summer, the water temperature should be about 20 degrees of Celsius.

Inside the spawning pond larvae are within 14-21 days. There are special fertilizers to achieve a more rapid growth of the larvae, this in a reservoir introducing peat in an amount of 100 kg slaked lime – 20 kg, humus – 300 kg slurry – 10 to 20 buckets and seperfosfat – 20 kg . Presented amount of fertilizer used for thousands of square meters of water surface.

If all of the above have been fulfilled, there comes another stage in the home silverchlorine breeding carp. Now focus on the introduction of fingerlings into suburban pond. Again, it all transplant processes comply transplant carp. The only thing that must be considered, not too intense emission of water, because of this step depends on the life of the fish. Often, novice fish farmers met so that multiple amounts of fry could get lost in the vegetation and killed, so the water is not drained quickly.
This method affects the dilution that carp grow quite small because there are too high level of competition in the population. Also there is a trick to prevent this process – to run in the aqueous environment of pike, its outer dimensions should not exceed 25-35 cm Its functions are simple, pike simply eats too small Karasik..

We represent you as another method of growing fish species represented. There are carp fingerlings, which run in a fairly small body of water, which is enough for 6×6 meters and a depth of about one to two meters. Pond with given dimensions for the contents of twenty-carp fingerlings. It begins the process of growing in the spring and continues until the pets do not grow up to the industrial forms and the respective sizes.

The diet of carp can be different, but in all parts composed of different feeds, also used some artificial feed mixtures, such as: feed, steamed corn, peas porridge sometimes, but in small quantities. For one day the fish need feeding once or twice, but no more. Also intermittently feeding welcome one and the same time. After the meal, for 30 minutes, there is a need to monitor how the carp eat, because if they do not eat everything, then the appetite of the fish slightly decreased, which means that there is no need to give too much feed mixtures. After the fish have eaten, but in the pond were leftover food, be sure to take all, because of the consequences of the water heavily polluted and spoiled.

If you follow all the right, then to the end of summer and the first autumn, carp body weight gain from 200 to 300 grams. In case if the winter is not planned to contain yearlings, they must catch.

Disposition of the winter maintenance also has special rules. First across the reservoir area needed to ensure the presence of oxygen, oxygen generators are often used. In addition, during the winter seasons is doing wormwood, as well as aeration channels. During cold weather is not suitable for breeding of other fish species in one pond with carp. Approximately 70 cm high habitat carp fingerlings, must not freeze, it is desirable to even greater layer, which does not freeze.

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