California Spangled, breed description

Photos, description breed cats California radiant, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description breed cats California radiant, characteristic for home breeding

Variety California shining cats is considered to be a rare breed of exotic origin. For its own conformation these representatives have many common features with the dwarf leopard cats. Bred breed was interesting and well-known personality, the Hollywood writers’ representatives – Paul Casey. Once, when he was involved in writing the script robot in the territories of Tanzanian land, it had the first idea of ​​the creation of a new breed. Note that with each passing day progresses and the number of illegal hunting of leopards, more and more reduced – outraged writer. The new statistics also insists that the leopards are extremely rare and are special natural phenomena, even in the modern areas of California, where the first copies were withdrawn can not boast a large presence of animals. Many factors, seen Paul Casey, pushed him to create unusual rock. The results of a specially-developed breeding methods, the project works cats representatives was created. The selection was attended by several different species: a breed of American Shorthair cats, Siamese representatives of British Shorthair and Abyssinian kittens. The twentieth century was fraught with an important event for novovyvedennyh kittens, in 1986 the Californian rock shining cats gave his own standard, according to many researchers cats were special, original and incredibly beautiful, formal presentation of pets has caused a furor among more than half of associations of cat lovers.

The name of the pets have received due to a number of historical reasons the breed. “California” is called animal origin for personal and primitive own community cats and “radiant”, they are by their own irresistible, as indeed radiant color. Externally kitties look really unusual, have a luxurious woolen cover, which is decorated with bright, saturated, black spots, which are often compared to the birds’ feathers.

Exterior signs often appear just like a leopard, but despite the fact that apparently cats do with them strongly enough similar nature wild pets not like. Females are always very responsive to their own masters, are always greeting guests, possess a kind disposition and calm character. But the vigor of cats there is no limit, in one place for a long time will not be able to sit pets such too restless our favorites.

Before you decide to buy a firm representative of the California shiny cat, you need to prepare all the conditions for this. The first and most important thing that should be taken into account – personal space cats. Pets are not wild, but their own place for all kinds of entertainment and a variety of waste accumulated energy needed pets. Knowing this fact incredibly important, because practically proved the importance of a California energy cats. From their ancient ancestors and distant relatives took an interesting breed of hunter instinct, which is important when choosing a pet. Still of the inherited characteristics of a graceful gait and ability to quietly podkradyvaatsya, using its soft landing.

Explicit exterior features of the breed: a strong, composed of the constitution, with a clearly expressed relief over the entire length of the body; pets dimensions are completely different, but in general is constantly large specimens (average weight waver from 4 to 8 kg); legs very rocks are very similar to their ancestors (cheetahs), they are more as compared to other species, length and capacity; the tail part of different evenness over the entire length, that is, in all places possess the same width tail; average round head; the frontal part of a much convex others; skull bone, especially in the area of ​​the jaw strongly visible and sufficiently developed; as distinguished from California cats cute cheeks, a little pushed to the sides, which gives the pupils a greater charisma, and in general the whole head looks very harmoniously with the whole body.

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