Grafting trees, description

Grafting trees in the summer and spring, the timing of vaccinations, description and a photo

Grafting trees in the summer and spring, the timing of vaccinations, description and a photo

You have heard about the grafting of trees. This method makes it possible to plant the most exotic species.

If the tree does not seed, does not reproduce vegetatively, or want to combine several varieties on one tree, then this method is perfect. Vaccination is the fastest, most effective way of breeding. In addition to breeding, you can fertilize the tree that bringeth not bear fruit.

But in addition to many advantages, this method has several disadvantages.
The main disadvantage of this procedure – the constant care of grafted trees, which takes power. And instilling process is fairly complex.

Not always, this procedure is good for trees. Often grafted branches are simply incompatible with a tree. Then efforts fail. Also, not all trees susceptible to inculcate. For example, many ornamental plants, due to the formation of strong root shoots are not allowed to do so. Therefore, it is better not breed ornamental trees vaccination method, as this may adversely affect the plant.

Plant trees, if you really need it!
There are plants that are categorically forbidden to reproduce way vaccination. This miniature spruce and other evergreens. It is not advisable to vaccinate lilac. These plants should be bred from cuttings.

There are plants that can be cultivated in a similar way. Then impart – the only chance to economical, fast, efficient tree breeding.

Before you dare to impart a tree, check the methods of its propagation. Most gardeners complain about the inefficiency of the process. This is explained by the fact that the selected trees simply can not be vaccinated. But if the tree is suitable this method, your efforts will soon yield results.