Autumn gardening

The time has come to put the plants in the yard, using containers, baskets that are hung, boxes sills, frost-resistant plant species with colorful leaves, flowers. You can start, for example, with winter plants such as pansies, they can bloom for months, and then use a variety of colors bulbs, so you can spice up the garden in spring.

Care and planting in the garden in autumn, photo

Care and planting in the garden in autumn, photo

Perennial flowers in containers should be moved to a cool place, but at the same time, the temperature must be above zero. Those areas of the country where winter frosts are small, the plant will be able to spend the winter on the street. To do this, these types of plants is better to send in a safe place and wrap the pot in multiple film layers made of polyethylene bubbles, and the plants themselves to wrap up a few pieces of garden fabric of polyester, and do not forget to leave a small hole for watering in case of need.

Annuals need to be removed from the pots. Sami capacity while carefully cleaned. In the following seasons better leave more perennial plants such as ivy. It is enough just to cut the plant and put in a box, drawer, and put where cool, if the place is small, it is enough to stock up on clothespins.

Containers made of ceramics, mainly fear of frost, so the containers, free from the plants and make the winter in a garage or under a canopy, so they will remain for the next season.

Mow the grass at the sites as long as no stop climbing plants. Do not forget to process and lawn edge, to maintain it clean. Also, it is necessary to clean up fallen leaves from the lawn. If such leaves prolezhat more than a week, it will suffer the grass on which they lie. To harvest the leaves from the lawn to help the gardener come wire rake, with them, you can collect all the leaves for the compost pile. If, however, a large lawn, the best option would be to purchase, or to rent a car for cleaning, she quickly gather all the fallen leaves.
Apply primer autumn fertilizer for lawns, it will accelerate the growth of grass, it will be especially useful to those who have greatly injured the lawn in summer.
These plant varieties as daffodils, crocuses planted in the ground in small groups on the edge of the lawn, then spring the lawn will be pleasing to the eye.
If necessary, remove dead stems wire rake.
To avoid the appearance of moss in the lawn areas with poor lighting, reduce the amount of shade, or better just to put this sort of grass that are not afraid of the lack of sunlight.
Sowing grass is often necessary, therefore, it will create a thick coating when exposed portions were formed, in places the grass reseeding.

Flower gardens and flower beds.
Such flowers as gladiolus, in areas where it is cold, keep in a dry place where it has penetrated the cold.
Now is the time to plant spring flower types with heads, winter plants. Trees, shrubs and watering thoroughly dig into the ground at the same depth as it was in the containers. Those plants that have bared roots are planted in the first place.
If you want your perennials blooming well, then the period of winter cold, they must hide. It is necessary to place the plants in a moist soil, and send in a warm room, and even stock cuttings.
Cut the sprouts dying, the main root of leaves or hay wrap, and cover all grid.
Check the vines, and bushes growing near the walls. Are they well protected? All the stems if necessary tie. Ivy, wrap in several layers of polyester fabric or Made with straw insulation layer and lock in this position with the help of a grid with tiny cells. This method will protect the plant in the cold.
Dig loose ground. The plot for planting, it is necessary to treat in the autumn, in the winter period, the cold will remove large lumps. This can not do, if your site is light and sandy.
You should also remove woody cuttings bushes.

Collect all the fallen leaves of plants, which are located in shallow water, cut the stem 2 cm above the water surface.
Furnish fish food rich in protein, so they will have supplies necessary substances for the winter.
Remove from the water tank to the basket with plants, sharp spade divide the roots and branches before they were put back into the pond.
If you do not want to clog the pond leaves, cover it with a grid with small cells. If the pond is large enough and the wind often blows leaves into it, then lift the grid to a height of 65 cm around the pond, then the leaves will not fall into it.