Billets and preparation of herbal medicines

Herbs are collected in stages. Most high content of medicinal properties takes place during flowering. When the spring or autumn harvested roots are desired. Summer and autumn is time to collect seeds and fruits. Finally, its bark is extracted during active spring sap flow.

Preparations medicines from herbs, medicinal properties of the workpiece.

Preparations medicines from herbs, medicinal properties of the workpiece.

But you have to be quite careful with any kind of herbal treatment with all sorts of potions and tinctures.

Collection of various herbs need to do on a sunny, warm weather. But if you held rain or morning dew washed over the plants, do not worry, the main thing that the grass is dried out, then you can collect, but do not do so with caraway seeds and Lycopodium disputes.

Collect necessary to correct that all were able to find the right grass. To do this, you need to know: if 1 square. m increases no more than 5 identical plants, it can be broken into more than two and not make it wooden spatula.

Preservation of the harvest is also a lot of important color will be green and the flowers do not turn black and not vytsvetut if stored properly. Many people think that you need to dry grass in the sun, but it is better in the shade under a canopy, and preferably where there is a draft should be laid in a thin layer to the grass is not rotted. And of course it is important to time the drying plants did not get moisture in any form either.

Dried herbs should preferably be stored in glass tarakh and covered with lids, if the wooden container, then spread the paper on the bottom of the container. Still it is possible to store in the dense paper bag. But do not forget to tag, when the grass is packed and be sure to write the name of the medicinal plants.

Arcane grass over time loses its medicinal properties, this we should not forget about storage periods are set pharmacists, and update inventory.

One of the most effective ways to store and preserve the therapeutic properties of fresh juice is extracted from fresh plants collected only further it needs to insist on alcohol.

Broth is desirable to prepare in an enamel pot. To get the most from a plant medicinal substances it is ground finely, but one serving each day, if the finished broth left over does not regret, and pour it, it will not use the next day.

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