Meadowsweet, description

Description and properties of meadowsweet, photo

Description and properties of meadowsweet, photo

People familiar with meadowsweet time immemorial, our great-grandfathers. One of its varieties, is spirea. And only a few of the gardeners realize about the properties of meadowsweet, but still grow in their area.

Flowering tree in June, large white fluffy buds with a marvelous aroma, the bees like these inflorescences always swirling around them, gathering for the winter nectar to create honey. meadowsweet leaves have ornamental value, thanks to its carved leaves, gardeners love to put on your site Spiro.

But not only the above mentioned features the famous tree has health properties for human beings. The flowers are harvested, dried, brewed and drunk as a tea drink, even as drug use leaves and roots of meadowsweet. Caring for a tree pretty easily, dry leaves pruned, watered, if necessary, the only thing in the wet ground, it is a strong, powerful, and the flowers are large.

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