The device rock garden with his own hands

Creating a rock garden with his own hands, schemes, types and photos

Creating a rock garden with his own hands, schemes, types and photos

Rock gardens – rocky islands, which are created for the grasses mountain vegetation all over the world.

Rock gardens do not accept mixes of field, mountain and other species of plants, because then lost the purpose of this landscape – demonstrate alpine plants. To look natural composition, on a hill planted plants among the rocks. To create a rock garden will require a long period of time, but they will be more than ten years.

If you want plants to grow and bloom, for their soil should be drained with nutrients, to be wet. Pick up the plants in the composition must be based on their light-requiring, to the warmth of perception, fear of the wind, and other nuances. Rock gardens must be carefully and regularly watering, weeding the flower bed, loosen the soil, fertilize, plant, plant, sow grass seed. On how to be careful and regular care of the composition is not only decorative qualities of all the elements, but also the duration of their existence.

Especially effective will look in the rock garden ponds (grooves, streams, waterfalls). Around the pond will land the plant, given that their purpose is to decorate the pool, but do not close it. Win-win option – place cascading stream from only one side of the composition, at the same time it should not arrest all the attention to himself, closing all the other elements of the rock garden. If so, you place the streams, the plants, flowers and just decorate it beautifully framed and create a natural appearance of the mountain landscape.

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