Garden in the marsh, a description of

Garden in the swamp, the description and photo

Garden in the swamp, the description and photo

Kinsman wetland garden, is considered to be a pond wildlife, but the first will choose the larger decorative elements. Filling moisture resistant garden plants, it can be attributed to a cross between a pond and a dry part of the plot. Waterlogged garden creates a perfect place for the existence of animals that live in the area, and they come to the pond.

On your site soil retains moisture for a long time? Then, add the humus. If you do not have to create an artificial wetland garden, this is useful to you the same film that uses a reservoir system. Dig a hole 30-50 cm deep and 2 meters wide, the surface should get even. Sprinkle a sand pit 2 cm thick. Top with a film and perform the holes every 65 cm. Over the entire surface. The next step, fill the place with a mixture of manure and two-thirds of humus. Excess film is cut, leaving the flap 15 cm on each side, and sprinkle pebble, gravel or peat. Place the fertilizer on the ground, 50 g, running on the meter. And planting plants in the center, place the largest and sides less. Very picturesque will look if the plants at the edges of the pond will hang over the water, thereby will create a small shadow. Because wetlands gardens need constant moisture, do not be lazy and Organize on the site the system of automatic irrigation.

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