Construction of the pond with his hands

Construction of cottage and garden ponds, description and a photo

Construction of cottage and garden ponds, description and a photo

The easiest pond in suburban areas with fish, plants, will allow the gardener to realize their fantasies. It is enough to make the right project to build the structure itself, and then all the neighbors with their children begin to look with envy in your garden. No need to be a strong specialist to understand, even a small pond in need of care.

On the area of ​​12 sq.m. and a depth of 1 m in it no strong differences in water temperature, and thus green with a pond, you do not threaten. Many ponds are built with special shapes (rigid, flexible), they are sold in the form of sheets. With them, you need to cut the desired size. Sheets of rigid shape, made from polyethylene or glass, of course, they are quite expensive, but the end result justify themselves, because they have lifetime about 15 years. On the ground, draw the outline of the future of the pond. Dig a deep hole on the circuit. Sprinkle sand, then place in a pit, the right size and shape to those places where the form does not stick tightly to the ground, pour the sand. And when all the voids are filled with soil and no spaces, you can pour water into the tank.

Waters called raised if it was built on a raised flowerbed. In this type of reservoirs also has its advantages. First, you do not need to dig a hole, and to think where to place the soil dug out of it. Secondly, in a body of water, it is easier to see the flora and fauna of the pond. Third, much easier to care for such a pool, you do not have to bend down too. And what is most important if you have small children, then raised pond, 45 cm, is much safer, dug on level ground.

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