Stone garden with your hands

Creating a rocky garden with his own hands, design, types and photos

Creating a rocky garden with his own hands, design, types and photos

In the natural habitat conditions, the flowers growing on the rocks in the ground, where the “walk” the wind. Very beautiful these plants look by contrast, large stones to the growing fragile plants. In a small area is easy to form a magnificent rocky garden, if properly calculate the size of the surrounding components. Rocky garden, rocky hill, alpine slide – all this is one title of flower beds, original techniques for the creation of herbs, shrubs, moss, lichen and other plant complex and unique solutions that will remind you of the Rock landscape.

Since the garden should look natural as possible, it is better if it will be around a spacious space, say, the lawn. It is desirable that beside him did not have a correct form of creation – direct lawn, flat track, round pool. With such “ideal neighbors” your alpine garden with its relaxed form will not look harmonious.

If you still want to place the rock garden near the pond, you can do it, but at the same time, make sure to place stones around the pool. Then the whole composition will be quite a winning appearance on the background of the whole garden.

Technology for creating rocky gardens implies a whole set of pictorial from plants, stones, slabs, water. Stony hill, is a islands, built on a hill. Between the stones are placed lower flowers, thus, created an imitation of a rocky landscape.

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