Byelorussian Harness Horse

Photos, description Belarusian Harness horse breed, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description Belarusian Harness horse breed, characteristic for home breeding

Presented Byelorussian Harness Horse breed with the time of its existence, divided into two different categories, inbreeding Belarusian draft horses are weighted and average typecasting. Then, using two main types it was created about six different lines of stallions with a high level of performance, which include: orlika, anoda, bayana, zavetnye, golubi, lesnoy eagle, besides representatives of the four male representatives of women’s fallopian families were created.

Despite the fact that only in the second half of the 19th century began the first stages of the breeding of the breed, is closer to the beginning of the 21 th century there were approximately 93 thousand animals. Byelorussian Harness Horse, as an independent and original variety was approved in 2000, just when the breed officially recognized throughout the world, there were about 27,600 horses.

Pets have the following conformation characteristics: a medium-sized warhead; extensive frontal region; Neck relief differ slightly elongated; withers are not very high, and not long; lumbar region straight; croup is short enough and spacious, markedly significant rounding and relief, slightly sloping croup; the chest is deep and arched. Legs of horses of medium size, relief and dry. Special splendor different mane and tail section, but fetloki practically invisible. If we compare all the representatives of the withers, the average characteristics of the exterior of the stallion as follows: an increase of about 150 cm – 160 cm, oblique prolixities constitution 160 cm – 165 cm, chest girth is 190 cm – 195 cm, pastern in girth about 21 cm. The average characteristics of women representatives: tall figures about 150 cm – 155 cm; body length in a forward – 155 cm – 160 cm; Girth of chest about 180 cm – 185 cm; metacarpus – 20,5 cm – 21,0 cm.

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