Snail Achatina Achatina

Snail Achatina Achatina, description, care and maintenance in the home, photos

Snail Achatina Achatina, description, care and maintenance in the home, photos

Snail Achatina – the largest clam of his family. Leads are mainly terrestrial way of life. Achatina large sizes. Body length (with shell) may be greater than twenty centimeters. Skin snail has a pink color with gray patterns. Shell apricot color with irregular black stripes. Feature color shells is the uneven distribution of colors. Near the neck bands have a rich black color, but in the end neither darken. Therefore, the end of the shell is dirty blond and pink stripes, which are hardly visible. Also, this breed is characterized by an unusual snail body structure. Her foot broad, long. This body structure was observed only in the snail-arhahatins.

Habitat snails of the breed is growing in the West African country.

In the wild, massive clams live in burrows. The cubs are very active and quick. With age, Achatina become calm, balanced. They are often frozen in the same position. So may be for several hours. Also adult snails prefer to sleep in his shelter. Although passive way of life, they are very hungry. Eat always, if there is food. Snails eat in the evening. This pleasant for them the process can last all night.

The breeding season lasts all summer snails. Over time a female can lay up to three hundred eggs.

In nature, snails grow larger. Their weight can overtaketh one kilogram. Domestic shellfish are not known for large size and weight. Caring for them does not require much effort. This article will acquaint you with the basic rules of care for these giant clams.

The first thing you need to arrange accommodation cochlea. The best option is the aquarium, terrarium. Necessarily have a lid with holes for air. The bottom of the “seekers” are covered with a thick layer (about ten centimeters) of land with various additives. The soil is periodically sprayed with water droplets, because the snail needs moisture. In the terrarium / aquarium placed stable bowl of water (for bathing). Capacity should not be deep. Otherwise, your pet can choke. You can be placed in a small house snail snag. Eating snails almost everything. At the same time the taste preferences of each individual being. Over time you will realize that your pet loves most. Feed Achatin can be vegetables, fruits, different greens (lettuce, spinach). You can also put in a cage some plants. They not only give comfort, but will also be complementary feeding shellfish.

The life expectancy of this breed snails approximately ten years. But in captivity, they live only up to five years.

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