Loophole, spiders breed

Description spiders breed Loophole, features, photos

Description spiders breed Loophole, features, photos

Loophole – the breed is not poisonous spiders living in the wild jungle. Spider is fairly large, with some palm. Build very unusual. The insect has ten long, thick legs. The body consists of two parts: the head, the back portion. The rear part in the shape of an acorn at the end there is a sign reminding printing. Color brown spider with black, red hues.

They live in shallow burrows spiders, cobwebs covered with a layer of silk, which weave themselves. The victim was also caught with nets placed surrounding the hole. Spiders are very agile, fast. Because of these qualities, they are easy to catch prey. Feed Loopholes small little insects: ants, grasshoppers, and other insects.

Due to the appearance, size, tarantulas often purchased as pets. They live in terrariums with a tight lid. Must be air holes. At home, let us pet crickets, cockroaches, bread crumbs, food for spiders. Animals eat rare, so do not overfeed them, because such care can negatively affect the health of a spider. They drink water (purified, boiled) water temperature should not exceed twenty degrees.

The nests of spiders of the rock shelters located in these insects. Babies are born helpless, but at the age of two months, leave the parental nest, goes in search of a new home. Nora spiders dig themselves.

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