Spider tenetnik, breed description

Description Tenetnik spiders breed, characteristics, photos

Description Tenetnik spiders breed, characteristics, photos

Tenetnik – a family of spiders that live in dark places (caves, cellars, garages, abandoned buildings). Outwardly, they look like a poisonous spider – black widow. But there are some differences between species, of which we now describe. tenetnik body is completely black / dark brown, with no single spots of other colors. Body length, two to three centimeters. The spider has eight legs, a little mustache. On the abdomen can sometimes be present dull dirty-green spots h brown shades, it is often the abdominal part of the shiny, black with overflow. The legs of different sizes, plain, dark.

In the wild, this breed spiders feed on small insects, green food do not eat. At home, let us pet crickets, cockroaches, bread crumbs, food for spiders. Animals eat rare, so do not overfeed them, because such care can negatively affect the health of a spider. They drink water (purified, boiled) water temperature should not exceed twenty degrees. Live pets may be in aquariums, terrariums. It is sure to be the cover to spider did not run.

Tenetnik not considered toxic, but the bites should not be left unnoticed. First rinse the open wound with water and soap. The next step is disinfection. Mix soda water in a ratio of 2: 1. You should get a mixture of creamy texture. Put the cooked cream on the wound. This procedure will alert infection, itching, discomfort.

Since tenetnik habitat spreads on almost every continent, you might come across a spider, even at home. Pets weave sticky web that is not its shape is similar to the network of other spiders. Do not touch the hands of the network to prevent the bite.

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