Linifiidy, spiders breed

Description Linifiidy spiders breed, characteristics, photos

Description Linifiidy spiders breed, characteristics, photos

Linifiidy – a breed of small spiders. Habitat animals growing on all continents except Antarctica. Linifiidy prefer shrubs, low plants. Network puts between the stems of flowers, twigs of bushes. Weaving webs takes place in several stages. At the end of turns complex networks plexus, forming an arbor. Because of this complex structure, the victim has no chance of escape.

Also, the web is very thin. The victim does not notice the trap. Spiders invisible on the background of the nature, this makes it easy to prey on small insects.

For the people will not bring any animal in danger. It does not contain poison, which can have a negative impact on human health.

Spider – Linifiidov not kept as pets. Due to the small size of the animals are often fed spiders large breeds. Meet the spiders of this breed can be everywhere, they often live in the gardens.

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