Satin mice breed description

Description Satin breed mice, photo type, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Description Satin breed mice, photo type, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Satin Mouse – a breed of mouse rodent family. They live animals mainly in the United States. body size, they are not inferior to large rats. The trunk is long, thin. The tail is also long, is the color of the main color. mouse body is covered with a soft, rather short fur. The colors are different. The most popular – Siamese mouse. On his body they have dark spots. There are also solid colors without any other colors. Ears satin mouse large, rounded, elongated muzzle, small black eyes. Antennae long, straight, light color. Paws (feet) is not covered with hair, their skin is a light pink color.

The nature of the breed rodents kind, calm, balanced. Mouse non-corrosive, easy to go on contact with humans and other animals. Particularly animals active at night, in the morning. Happy prefer to relax in their shelter.

Recently satin mice are gaining great popularity. Due to its character, behavior, activity, friendliness, are increasingly taking these animals as pets. In this article we will acquaint you with the basic rules of care for satin armpits. First buy a cage. It should not be too small, the favorite should feel comfortable in it. As litter using wood chips, dry grass, straw. In the cage must be present drinkers, feeders, a small wooden house.

Feed the pet can be an ordinary feed for rats, mice. It contains all the necessary trace elements for normal growth of your rodent. Periodically pet fertilize fruits and vegetables. Water drinkers should be changed daily. It is recommended to boil the water, cool it, just jammed give drink animal.

Janitorial recommended every three days. weekly also wash cage with soap and water. To small animal was not bored, hang in the cage different ropes, branches, the animal lazilo them. Do not limit the movement of rodents. Periodically release the pets to run around the apartment, but watch out for, so that curious little animal was not lost. Also not recommended to put it on a high.

Interesting facts about the satin mice:

  • Satin mice have one incredible ability – with time they can recognize the person. The thing is that these rodents respond well to smells. Therefore, a person know his scent. Also, animals can recognize its owner’s voice.
  • Unlike other breeds of mice, satin do not recognize in color. Since this breed characterized by a different color.
  • Rodents given breed obedient, easy to train. Furthermore, they have a surprising intelligence whereby trainable animals easily.

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