Akomisy or echinated mouse content

Akomisy (spiny mouse), the contents in the home, the description and photo

Akomisy (spiny mouse), the contents in the home, the description and photo

Echinated mouse – a breed of mouse rodent family. They got their name because of the unusual hair. They live animals in countries with hot climates. The body is covered with rodent small needles. The body length of about ten centimeters. Akomisy – full of animals. Color needles – beige with grayish hues, sometimes pure gray. Breast, belly – white. The animal has long ears round shape, round, black eyes the size of a pearl, the small, light foot. Long tail as in rats. Akomisy – the most moving rodents in the world. For them, there is no greater happiness than a couple of threads on which to hang. Usually they keep the front legs of the rope, performing various tricks.

In the wild, rodents live in burrows, which are dug yourself. Particularly active they are after sunset, at night, in the morning. Jaru akomisy not tolerate, so during the day prefer to hide in the shadows. Eat as well as their distant relatives. Eat a variety of seeds, grains, fruits, vegetables, grass, small insects.

Keep rodents of this breed is not difficult. There are some basic rules that will help to make the life of your pet safe, comfortable. The first thing you need to buy a “house” in which to live mouse. This may be a cell, an aquarium, a terrarium with a lid. The bottom of the “asylum” is recommended paved with wood chips, hay, torn pieces of paper. You must be present feeding, watering, and various toys (the running wheel, ladder, driftwood, rope). Animal activity, so constant need of movement. Do not forget to build a small house, in which the animal is sleeping, can hide during an alarm. It can be made of ordinary cardboard. Females are able to build a nest there. Plus, such a house is that it can be replaced if the animal gnaws wall.

Cleaning of cells, it is desirable to carry out every day, bedding changed every three days.

They feed on mice in captivity echinated ordinary food for rodents. Choose a food that suits the breed of your pet. Periodically indulge animal vegetables, fruits, dairy products, protein food. Do not give him a variety of herbs, because some plants are deadly for the body of a young mouse. It is advisable to buy a special vitamin stick to the teeth point. The water in drinkers are changed daily. It is better to give to defend the water. Feeders wash every day. It is not advisable to lie around for a long time in the food feeders. So pour as much as will master pet. Once a week, you need to give small animal boiled egg. Crumble it to a mouse could swallow pieces.

Giving offspring in captivity akomisy can throughout the year. The main condition is a clean, warm place, protected from drafts. Period leader cubs lasts about forty-two days. Two baby is born with three broods. In contrast to the decorative pads, akomisy are visible immediately. Their body is covered with small, soft needles, fine fur. A few hours after birth, babies trying to walk. The female cares for the children in every possible way. Sometimes males help them. Later pups begin to confidently walk, first try to “adult” food. Giving offspring are in two months of age. Remember: early pregnancy may harm the rodents. Therefore it is not recommended to keep adults akomisov different sexes in the same cage. A favorite delicacy of the beast breed are nuts. They can have them forever. It is also advisable to give them a fresh dandelion leaves.

If you are constantly on the robot, spend a little time with a favorite, buy a couple of mouse. In “their” environment animal feels much better.

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