Зебровая мышь, описание породы

Description Zebra mice breed characteristics, photos

Description Zebra mice breed characteristics, photos

Zebra Mouse – a breed of mouse rodent family. Externally, the animal is a little different from their relatives. It has a rounded body, elongated snout, a long tail like a rat. The body is covered with rather short, thick fur. Fur color is uneven. Basic color – khaki. At the back there are dark brown stripes. The ventral part of the snow-white. The eyes are large, round, bright black. Ears rather big, rounded, slightly pubescent with brown hairs. Antennae are present, but they are almost invisible. The legs are tiny, there are pronounced fingers.

Caring for zebra mouse does not take labor.

The first thing (before buying a pet) need to build housing. Typically, a cage for rodents with high wooden bumpers, but also fit the aquarium. Do not forget that these animals are quite agile, nimble, so choose a safe house to the rodent did not run away. When the property is selected, come to his arrangement. First buy Feeders, drinking bowls. If several mice, buy each separately. The bottom of the room strewn with dry grass, straw, wood chips. In extreme cases, chopped paper. Construct a small animal house, where he could sleep. Do not forget: zebra mouse refers to rodents, so everything must be made from natural materials. Otherwise the animal threatens poisoning. Toy is better not to buy the animal, as the limbs thin mouse, small, weak. Absence of various roundabouts will help avoid injury.

Meals varied. In nature, little insects feed on rodents, eggs, larvae, other small protein food. To feed the animal, not necessarily to catch beetles, flies. Use an ordinary feed for rodents. Every week, let the crushed egg white, egg yolk, pieces of vegetables, fruit. Do not let the wet pet food. It is better to put next to the water. It is not advisable to water the animal raw water. Boil it, let cool.

Twelve months after the birth, zebra mouse ready to produce offspring, although becoming fully mature in two months. It is important to remember that the early pregnancy can tragically result in your pet. Young Incubation lasts about a month. At this time, let the mice protein foods. The female can give birth to six babies at a time. The baby is very small, fragile. It weighs three to four grams. A week later, the kids can see and sixty days does become independent.

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