Rat Dumbo Sphynx description

Description rat Dumbo Sphynx, characteristics, content and photos

Description rat Dumbo Sphynx, characteristics, content and photos

Dumbo Sphynx – a pretty rare breed rats. In animals, no fur. Peel rodent soft, gentle, pleasant to the touch. On the body there are wrinkles. Size. body shape is similar to his rat family. The animal has big ears rounded shape, large, dark eyes, rather short antennae. Body color can be any: from light to dark. Rats have a beautiful, sharp teeth. They need to periodically grind, so ensure the necessary animal subjects.

Dumbo Sphynx – rats with high intelligence. They are easy to learn, perform a variety of commands. The nature of the breed rodents kind, calm. Small mammal non-aggressive, well go to the contact with people. It has been observed that this particular rock rat is particularly love to clean.

Meals quite varied. Eat rats grains, vegetables, fish, meat. Daily feed pet food for ordinary decorative rats. If possible, let a rodent fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables.

Twice a month is required to get the animal feed containing protein: boiled meat, fish, eggs. It is forbidden to give food that contains spices. Also not recommended to feed the pet lamb meat, sausages, other human food. In the cell, except the feeder should be drinking bowl. Raw water can not be given. Before you drink rat, pre-boil the liquid. Let’s just chilled water to the animal does not burn itself.

Lifespan Dumbo Sphynx about two and five years.

With age, eyesight, hearing the animals remains the same. This breed of rodents is very emotional. Pets difficult to adapt to new places. Therefore, never yell at them, well look after animals, takes care. From this length of pet’s life depends. Frequent stress detrimental to the health of Dumbo. From the constant unrest the animal may die.

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