Husky rat, a description of

Rats husky, breed description, characteristics, content and photos

Rats husky, breed description, characteristics, content and photos

Husky – another breed of mouse family of rats. Color fur is not monotonous. Rat combines two colors: gray, white. Infants have one main color, but over time the colors changed. Gradually change your natural hair color to white. Changing the color starts from the abdominal part, a back end, so adult rats are so similar to a husky dog. animal’s eyes may have different shades of red. The black eyes of this breed are not peculiar at all. It is important to note that the main body color can be any rats.

Size, husky body structure does not differ from other representatives of this family. The tail is long, hairy, more light.

In captivity Huskies lives in a cage. The room must be small. The cage should be of medium size. Cleaning is preferably carried out in a day. A better do it out of necessity. Periodically release the rat wander around the house.


Eat Well rodents virtually the food, all the representatives of this family. Use an ordinary feed for rats. Feed your pet as well to relieve himself. If maintained, the food was eaten, backfill in the trough again. It is recommended to give the animal a variety of vitamin sticks to grind teeth. Do not forget to purchase a water bottle. Rats need water.

Husky nice to get along with other rodents. With older pets (cats, dogs) often conflicts arise. By themselves, rodents calm, non-aggressive, agile. A special activity is shown by the females, especially during pregnancy.

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