Double Rex

Rats double rex, description, characteristics, content and photos

Rats double rex, description, characteristics, content and photos

Double Rex – another rock rat, which is characterized by its thick, fluffy fur.

Homeland of this type of rodent is the United States of America. The name Double Rex received from the cartoon character named Dumbo. Specific features of the breed are the ears. Double Y are large, rounded, on the body are located slightly lower than ordinary rats.

About the color of the animal can not tell much, as fur coloration is changed every seven days. By itself, the hair is not harsh, wavy, hair sticking out in different directions. Antennae long, curly.

To live in these rats can ordinary cells (aquariums) for rats. The room should be fairly spacious, have a different toys, twigs for grinding teeth.

Eat Well rodents virtually the food, all the representatives of this family. Use an ordinary feed for rats. Feed your pet as well to relieve himself. If maintained, the food was eaten, backfill in the trough again. It is recommended to give the animal a variety of vitamin sticks to grind teeth. Do not forget to purchase a water bottle. Rats need water.

As a result of the pairing of two representatives of this type, babies are born naked, but later the fur grows. During pregnancy, the female aggressive, she tries to keep the young from the environment. After birth, particularly active in the education of future generations of rats showing father.

By themselves, non-aggressive animals, kind, quiet, easy to go on contact with people.

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