Long-tailed chinchilla

Long-tailed chinchilla content in the home, characterization, description and a photo

Long-tailed chinchilla content in the home, characterization, description and a photo

Long-tailed chinchilla – Chinchilla, inhabiting the coast of South America. Now the animals have gained immense popularity, but they can not buy a pet store, because the long-tailed chinchilla brought in the Red Book as endangered species. Because of its appearance, chinchillas began mass catch that produced in the disappearance of the species.

The first statements about chinchillas reached the Spanish sailors as they sailed along the coast of South America. There lived Chinchas tribe, from which came the name. During this period, demand for expensive, high-quality fur has grown several dozen times. The ideal situation became unknown entity – chinchilla. It is in these times of small animals are at greater risk.

The animal of medium size, has huge ears, a long tail. Long-tailed chinchilla whole body covered with a thick ball of gray fur color. The ventral part is lighter. On the body there is no gradual transition from one color to another. Shades of each other have a clear boundary.

Rodents have large, round eyes light color, small legs, strongly pubescent. A distinctive feature of the breed chinchillas is a long tail, covered with a thick layer of fur. The antennae are straight and long. Often match the color of fur of chinchillas. The long-tailed rodents – fast animals that constantly bring harm to people. In the wild, rare animals can be found at altitudes of more than four meters. They usually settle between the rocks. The life expectancy compared to other animals, large. Furry creatures live up to twenty years. They do not get lost in a dark space, subtle sense of danger. animal body length on average thirty centimeters. Long tail is greater than ten centimeters. Eyes huge, entirely black. On ears almost no fur.

Chinchillas live in small groups. Under natural conditions, they get the food themselves. Often there is a variety of insects, grass, vegetables, fruits, berries. The animals of this breed are not good hunters. The most interesting thing in the behavior of long-tailed chinchillas – self-care. Regularly cute creatures crumble in volcanic dust, combed himself paws.

Because of its appearance, chinchillas have become favorites all over the world. Therefore, scientists have worked on a little stain the fur. Now, there are beige, white, gray, purple, dark chinchilla.

Keep dlinnohvostogo Fluffy does not offer any difficulty. First buy a cage (special sale at a pet store). The house certainly put the feeding, watering, paved with the bottom strand. Periodically get out in the cage, feed, water you need every day. Giving food better in the evening, after a particularly rodents are active at night. they do not like the neighborhood.

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