Phase rat, breed description

Description breed fuzzy rats, photo

Description breed fuzzy rats, photo

Phase – a breed of mice (rat), which are distinguished by their unusual appearance. They are about the size of a palm. The body is slightly covered with thin hairs. From far away it may seem that the rat naked. The mouse has a long tail, slightly hairy towards the bottom, large ears rounded, elongated snout, large, round black eyes. Rat Paws little phase, bright. Clearly visible fingers, which are attended by small nails.

At home, the fuzzy rat breed live in a cage for rodents, aquarium, terrarium with a lid. The bottom is littered with wood chips, dry grass, straw. Like all rats fed ordinary phase rodent chow supplemented with eating a variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, boiled eggs. Drink rodents ordinary water (boiled / pre-cleaned). For the grinding of the teeth, it is desirable to give a rat vitamin wand. It not only deals with their direct responsibility – turning teeth, rodent still saturates the body with nutrients. To animal was not boring, periodically releasing it for a walk. It is important to make sure that the curious animal did not run away in remote places.

The animals, though not fluffy, but get along well with children. Non-aggressive animal, calm, kind, active. I get along well with other rodents.

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